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Hey I used to play Achaea 05-10 and again a little bit last year but couldn't get back into because of life....(crazy new job 50-70 hour work week) but anyway I'm going to dive in because life got uncrazy ( better life just 40 hrs). I have some questions though if anyone could help me out.

1.) I want to dive in the knight classes (Runie, Paladin, Infernal) and snb sticks out to me. I was wondering how viable PvP and Hunting is this specialization?

2.)  If not SnB, for Runie or Paladin is 2h good or dual blunt?

3.) Does DwB the same as the old knight classes?

I was going to figure out what class I was going to be before the city, because you know a Paladin in Mhaldor doesn' seem like a good idea lol (sorry nervous bad joke)

Thanks for your help!



  • I'll speak to the hunting aspect. Runie 2h or DWC hunting is the best of the three in my eyes purely for the Runes.

    SnB Hunting is god awful slow, DWB is pretty similar in speed to 2h if you're using forged flails.

    I'm a 2h Runie now, and hunting is pretty plain and simple.

    I'll let someone else speak to combat from the three, as I only really have experience with Runie.
  • Posting on my phone so this will probably be riddled with typos. 

    Welcome back! Runewarden can go to any city and many people consider it the best bashing on a budget. It shares chivalry and weapon mastery with the other two, but its third skill is different. Infernals get necromancy and are Mhaldor exclusive. Paladins get devotion and are Targossas exclusive. All 3 are noob friendly for getting into PvP, or so I hear. 

    I have been playing Paladin and enjoying it a lot. Targossas is a great city with awesome, helpful people. Paladin hunting with 2h has been simple enough. 

    DwC is probably most similar to the pre-rework knights from what I've seen and what i remember from  2004.

    I like SnB best as well thematically, but it is slower hunting and trickier PvP so I've gone with 2H for now. It is only 100 lessons to respec 
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    If you have arties, SnB isn't really as slow as people make out. If you don't have them, it's slow af.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • DWB, steal all the kills

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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    SnB is great for pk (if you like its style) but terrible for hunting.

    The other specs are all good for hunting as far as I know. Which specs are good for pk depends in part on your class. All should be at least viable, but I wouldn't go snb Infernal, for example, because DWC is just better. I also wouldn't go DWC paladin (though some do) because snb is just better.

    DWB and 2h are probably best as runewarden and infernal, but I haven't really seen many paladins try them. It depends a lot on what style you like.

    DWC - what old Knights were
    SnB - similar to DWC, but takes much longer to prep, has better affliction power, but some limitations (no double cripple for infernal vivi setups, no double runeblades for runewarden), and has stronger finisher setups for disembowel and damnation (if paladin)
    DWB - straightforward prep limbs then execute kill, barely any afflicting while prepping, heavy damage, has a special instakill based on head damage
    2h - momentum-based, stick special fracture afflictions that are cured by applying instead of sipping health, turn those into breaks once you have enough, kill with disembowel or vivisect (if infernal), slowest attacks
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    ok thanks everyone this has been really helpful! 

    I have decided to try out Paladin, so if SnB is great for pk but poor for hunting what would the better one for hunting? Just because I'm going to be doing more hunting than PvP at least for the start outside of city defense of course?
  • 2-hander! It's slow but packs a punch.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    for group PK I actually like dual cutting the most.  Fastest attack, can double delph off burst (puts them to sleep/prones when they are re-deffing) and the all important ability to lunge.
  • 2h and DWC are comparable at higher levels, but 2h wins out until the 80s.
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