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So I'm not sure if many people would be interested in this, but I miss writing short stories and I haven't for a long time as Jurixe's story has become less involved, therefore there's less to inspire me to write from her. I'm afraid I'll slowly get out of practice and forget how to write fiction.

So, partly to raise funds for an IG project and partly to give me more writing practice, I'll be accepting ideas for short stories that you want me to write. I'll do the first one for free, and the next two others (if I get that many) I'll charge a nominal sum of five credits. The rest, well, we'll see how it goes.

The brief you send me should include:
A description of the intended plot (the more detailed the better)
Descriptions, personalities and backstories of the characters involved
Where you'd like it to start and end (optional)
First, second or third person view (I will likely not do too many first or second person views unless you're cool with my interpretations of the characters involved)
In-game descriptions of the setting (if relevant)

Generally, the more info you can feed me about how you want the story to be, the better. It doesn't necessarily have to be something you experienced as a character, but if you want me to write about historical events then you should be prepared to furnish me with all the info you can find, not just 'hey please write about the War of Humanity'. If you're willing for me to take artistic license, though, then great!

Story lengths will not be Bal'met length, perhaps something along the lines of The Foozle Dance, which I wrote as an art trade for Ellodin.

My other stories can be found here

I'm also notorious for only writing things that I can really vividly imagine, so if I decide not to write your story, please don't be offended - it was probably better than you ending up with a half-baked effort. 

I cannot guarantee turnaround times but I will tell people how long they should expect to wait for it.

Ok! Send me a PM or post any ideas that you have and want me to potentially write about. Let's see what comes of it.
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  • You never post your best work.

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    Wow, I just read all of The Foozle Dance. That was great!  :3
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  • I obviously recommend Jurixe's story-writing, especially if her imagination is sparked. It's a fantastic idea and opportunity.
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