SVOF + Mudlet 3.0.0I Crash On Profile Load

So in my quest to return I've decided to pick up SVO for the time being yet no matter what I do I seem to crash every time I reload the profile after installing SVOF.
This is happening with both the Infernal and Monk scripts so far as I can see. 

If I install to a disconnected profile, this occurs immediately upon saving and reopening the mudlet profile, and if I do this while connected and complete vinstall, the same issue appears to occur.  I have repeatedly recieved the following error on attempting vinstall despite GMCP being installed and after restarting mudlet.

(svof): Please enable GMCP in Mudlet settings and restart before installing.

Upon QQ the following error is shown
"...ake\.config\mudlet\profiles\Machet4/Infernal svo/svo:39460: attempt to concatenate field 
'charname' (a nil value)"

 I'm absolutely at a loss, does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone encountered anything similar? So far I've deleted all profiles and reinstalled Mudlet 3 times, and redownloaded both SVO versions I was trying to install (to seperate profiles) thrice now.


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