BM Basics

So, I'm having trouble with everything to do outside of a slash/strike brokenstar setup.

I get the basics of prepping for a two leg with pre-slash, torso pre-slash, and also multilimb impaleslash before twists.

What I don't get are the little things.  Should I be infusing before every strike? What type of strike rotation should I be using in a general fight, is there any affliction I want stuck on an opponent when I'm just going for brokenstar kills and not locks? When should I be using the vast array of Shindo abilities I haven't even touched while prepping for bstar?

Can someone just throw a list out of small, simple basics that a BM should be taking advantage of in the lowest level of combat?


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    Hamstring once, neck three times, hamstring again. Infuse lightning. Vitiate against serpents.

    Flamefist before mangle locks, airfist/voidfist to prep.

    Icewall hamstring meditate-evade to become immune to every momentum class ever.

    Phoenix if you get locked without prone.

    Loop deafness against anyone that uses prefarar and bards. Use sight to cure scalded against magi.

    Healthtrans to survive executions that rely on consecutive massive damage bursts.

    That's about all I'd consider 'basic'. It's mostly defensive stuff. Your basic bog standard BM offense is pretty strong, so it all comes down to surviving your opponent when your cut/blunt resists might as well be a little better than paper.
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    Does being a horkval give me a little advantage resist wise vs other races?
  • I'm told that horkval armor is better than leather but worse than ringmail. Paging @Makarios

  • When I asked him before, he told me that 'anyone that can wear better than leather is making a bad decision' to go Horkval.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Dwarf definitely seems the best race for Blademasters, since survival is the most paramount thing for us, and Dwarf Miner has amazing stats.

  • In my defense I chose Horkval in 2012? Were there even free reincarnations then?
  • Dwarves are always inferior to everything else simply by virtue of being dwarves. Dwarves are terrible.
  • Nazihk said:
    Dwarves are always inferior to everything else simply by virtue of being dwarves. Dwarves are terrible.
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