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New to MUDS and Achaea, Should i be using a Client?

Eldarionn Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my question.

First off, im brand new to MUDS and Archaea, as in been playing for a few days. I've heard lots of people talk about using Different clients to play the game and i was wondering if they are necessary/better and if so which one would you reccommend to a complete newb? I have very little experience in coding, besides a few simple macros in a infamous MMORPG.

Several other people have said the browser client (HTML5) is just fine, and to use it as it was built speciffically with this game in mind.

Anyway, just want to hear your thoughts and recommendations

Thank you in Advance.

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  • Jacen
    Jacen Member Posts: 2,325 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    I'd go for Mudlet. A very large portion of the playerbase uses it, and once you get inducted to the Mudlet clan, you'll have lots of people willing to answer your questions. There's a very good free system available for Mudlet (Omnipave) as well as a fairly cheap system that offers a ton of support (svo) along with a few other systems if you have the right contacts. 

    Other clients used in Achaea are MUSHclient, ZMud, and Cmud, though I'm not sure if there are any systems (free or otherwise) available for these clients.


  • Jonathin
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    Even though I am a bit late with this response, I would like to post this.

    Fortunately, any mainstream client will have a decent number of people that are typically willing to help when needed. Mudlet is one of the most widely used clients, but has the drawback of having a rather steep learning curve, especially if you have no background in coding. MUSHclient is much the samme way, as they both use an implementation of Lua.

    Cmud costs like $20-$30USD and is pretty reliable and has the added benefit of on-HDD help files with plenty of examples to help you learn zScript. However, its speed and functionality are sub-par to the aforementioned clients. Zmud is old and no longer supported, nor does it support modern telnet protocols, unless someone wrote a plugin for it, but it's slow and clunky, so don't waste your money.

    Honestly, I would recommend Mudlet because it is constantly under development and has a huge support base to help get you started, not to mention a good number of free scripts available from people like Sohl or myself. If Mudlet just is not to your liking, then MUSHclient might be for you. It has a decent enough support base and a few free scripts you can use and learn from.

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