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Do you have to be in a God/dess devine order to request something or bargain with them?


  • Not necessarily, but it would probably help. Some gods are also more receptive than others to things like that.

    The question is too vague to answer any more specifically than that.
  • alright, thanks Sena :)
  • If you can RP it out, pretty much anything can happen with the divine. My experience says, no, you do not have to be in their order to bargain with them.
  • There are three instances(that I could think of) where one would request 'something' of a divine.

    1. Fullplate or falcon/serpent customization - you'd have to ask either your City/House's Patron for that first.
    2. Looking to interact with them in general - dunno, be more noticeable? Make sure it's in a good way otherwise the only interaction you're getting is when you either turn into a maggot or a shrub.
    3. Asking for the opportunity to ask a boon - Good luck with that.

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    If you had an event in mind that you wanted to try and RP with a particular divine, you can email them at, I think, and see what response that gets. Otherwise, yeah, kind of too vague to help.
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