Returning player, artefacts & other tips

It's been awhile since I've played Achaea seriously - 10 years or so - and I've recently returned. A lot has changed and it has been somewhat of a chore getting back up to speed, but still fun.  Anyway, I'm a lvl 78 Apostate, Human, specced for CON, and have set the goal of achieving dragon. I have 1000 credits and 5 mayan crowns to apply to that goal and am soliciting advice on how they would be best utilized. I already have a SOA. I understand Apostate is not the most efficient class for bashing to dragon but it is my preferred RP class and I am relearning PVP concurrently - so I'll make it work.

Any advice on artefacts will be most welcome, as well as, any advice on getting back into the game or any general guidance on Apostate life.  Thanks for the help, glad to be back in the realms and look forward to seeing you guys in-game!

For reference, below are some of the artefacts I thought would have the most utility:

Ring of Vitality Level 1 Health Regen: 300 credits

Ring of Draconic Vigour Level 2 Health Regen: 850 credits

Ring of Meditation Level 1 Mana Regen: 300 credits

Ring of Lucretian Clarity Level 2 Mana Regen: 850 credits

Rings: (to increase how much a health or mana elixir heals you)

Mayan ring: 500 credits (increases health by 10%)

Ceylonese ring: 1000 credits (increases health by 20%)

Logosian Ring: 2000 credits (increases health by 30%)

Ring of Noxtra: 500 credits (increases mana by 10%)

Ring of Somnustra: 1000 credits (increases mana by 20%)

Ring of Lunastra: 2000 credits (increases mana by 30%)

Collar of Ceylon 10% increased damage 400 credits

Collar of Diablerie 15% increased damage 800 credits

Collar of Agatheis 20% increased damage 1600 credits

Fire pendant 2% increased chance 200 credits

Blood pendant 4% increased chance 600 credits

Stygian pendant 6% increased chance 1200 credits

Epicurean Sash: 500 credits (+1 intelligence)

Sash of Wisdom: 1250 credits (+2 intelligence)

Sash of Caymus: 2500 credits (+3 intelligence)

Hunter's Belt: 400 credits (+1 constitution)

Girdle of the Titans: 1000 credits (+2 constitution)

Girdle of Aegis: 2000 credits (+3 constitution)


  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    for hunting, i would definitely recommend the stygian pendant above all. Apostates aren't heavily influenced by cheap artefacts (or expensive ones for that matter), but the stygian pendant will probably shave at least a month off your hunting towards dragon.


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