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New Combat Rankings!

AegothAegoth Member Posts: 2,973 @@ - Legendary Achaean
Here is the relevant newspost:

ANNOUNCE NEWS #4603                                     (07/31/2016 at 23:59)  
From   : Nicola
To     : Everyone
Subject: Combat Rankings Return!
Roughly an IC year ago, the Matsuhama Arena in Delos underwent a significant construction period, 
unveiling the brand new ARENAVIEW functionality. Phileo, former thug boss and now upstanding citizen 
of Delos, began charging adventurers to gain entrance into the newly revamped spectator stands of 
the great and historic arena. Adventurers soon found out that from within the stands they may:

ARENAVIEW <participant>
   Gain a new perspective on arena combat central around their focused participant.

   See basic information on the particular event occurring within the arena.

   See a detailed and informative list of participants an their locations.

   Gain a birdseye view of the room that their VIEWED participant is in.

   Ignore the commotion below and enjoy the company of the spectator stands.

After spending the last year collecting funds via the new arena spectating system, Phileo has 
entered into an official partnership with the Achaean Combat Association, and been granted the 
position of Registrar. As a result, he has been given the authority to pair combatants in single 
combat matches that are respected and recorded by the ACA.

Prospective combatants may seek out Phileo near the Matsuhama Arena in Delos and request to join his 
queued roster for combat pairings.

   Have Phileo note your interest in being paired with an opponent for either a normal spar or a 
formal ranked spar.

   Have Phileo remove your name from his roster.

Once on his list, the enlisted combatant is free to leave the area and go about their business until 
a match is found. Phileo will reach out to each of the paired opponents via tells.

The selected adventurers will have roughly three minutes to find their way back to the arena to 
ACCEPT QUEUE. The combatants will then be placed in a special, smaller, 10 room arena.

If a queue is ignored/missed/abandoned, the deserting adventurer will be unable to join the roster 
for an incremental period of time.

Due to the nature of Phileo's agreement with the Achaean Combat Association, normal ranked 
challenges are no longer recognised in the combat rankings - only ranked spars arranged by Phileo 
will bear any weight in the Combat Rankings.

Additionally, victors of normal AND ranked spars arranged by Phileo will earn a new currency devised 
by Phileo and his organisation: Delosian Eagles. The nature and purpose of this new currency is 
still shrouded in mystery as Phileo is disinclined to give out much information about them.

Combat Rankings will now run on a monthly (RL) schedule. At the end of a month 1st place will win 50 
bound credits, 2nd place will win 25 bound credits, and 3rd place will win 10 bound credits.

Penned by My hand on the 2nd of Scarlatan, in the year 719 AF.

So what are everyone's thoughts so far? I have a few comments of note for @Makarios and @Nicola to perhaps consider:

- Make it so that the two matched participants cannot see who one another are until they both ACCEPT QUEUE (ie. make ES DELOS anonymous.) Right now it's too easy for someone to just not accept a queue if they see someone they don't want to fight enter the arena, and thus it is a potential way to game the system (ie. I see Farrah is my opponent in ES DELOS. Nope. Just gonna let that timeout.)

- In tandem with the above: Dock a small amount of points for people who choose to forfeit a match (but NOT someone who went off plane before their match was called). This will give incentive to accept more matches than not.

- Allow people to sign up for both ranked and regular spars. It gets tiresome waiting forever for a ranked spar, and it'll be nice to make use of the new system while waiting for another ranked combatant to fight with.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now, but others may have more. So far, it's a fantastic system, and I cannot wait for the revelation of the Delosian Eagles. Thanks team!


  • AegothAegoth Member Posts: 2,973 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Oh, one thing I forgot: Perhaps give losers of matches a smaller amount of Delosian Eagles (maybe 1?). They deserve something for at least trying
  • RangorRangor Member Posts: 3,308 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Phineos could shout now and then if someone has been in queue for 5 mins without matching. Give people a heads up there are spars to be had.
  • TreyTrey Member Posts: 4,891 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I'm very curious as to what these Delosian Eagles will be able to purchase, and if they'll be transferable.

  • SzanthaxSzanthax San DiegoMember Posts: 1,906 @ - Epic Achaean
    Trey said:
    I'm very curious as to what these Delosian Eagles will be able to purchase, and if they'll be transferable.
    No to transfers.... That be my vote. 

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