How good is Magi in your opinion?

I read somewhere that Magi is pretty "meh" when unartefacted, but looking at their skills they're pretty damn strong. Not to mention Crystalism which attacks enemies in the entire room, which makes for some fantastic area control. And then there are golems and all that stuff which really makes me wanna go for it.

So can someone tell me:

- Are they good enough unartefacted to fight at top tiers? I really love pvp and its one of the reasons I came to Achaea, but my zero budget is often barring me from trying out the less unartefact friendly classes like bard.

- How much prep is required? I heard Crystalism stuff needs some prepping but how long does it take and is it possible to quickly do one if I'm ambushed somewhere far away from my city?

- Are they good in 1v1s? Are they an affliction-based class, a damage-based class or what? From their skills I can't really decide on which because the helpfiles don't really say exactly what the abilities do.

- What is their role in group combat? I particularly dislike being a supporter because heck I prefer getting the kills myself. I'm fine if my Crystalism stuff is the only thing that sort of supports the group.

- Who are the top magis of today who are still active? Suggest me one who uses the least artefacts.

- On a scale of 1-10, how much would you rate the Magi learning curve (I particularly like tougher learning curves as long as the eventual result is better)


  • Mage doesn't really need artefacts to pvp with their new routes afaik. They benefit a lot from a diadem, but you aren't relying on doing overwhelming damage generally. They are kind of squishy without arties, though, so that might be an issue?

    You don't need an entire vibe stack if you're just ganked, so shouldn't be so bad.

    They are good in 1v1, yes. They're a limb prep class based around salve pressure.

    Magi do damage in groups and their vibes help their group live longer or do more damage or set up advantageous positions.

    The only real active pvp mages are dunn and aegoth, neither of which is unartefacted.

    If we're assuming diku mud is 0 and 10 is the hardest class in achaea, then mage is probably 6-7.
  • diadem is pretty essential for magi combat, but I will say that our kill setups CAN be achieved without it... it just takes a heck of a lot more timing. Everything else is pretty much a luxury. It helps to have higher health, though, especially if you are trying to fight top-tier damage classes. I would definitely shoot for a diadem though.

    a full vibe stack take about 30s to set up. the good news is: you can put them in stasis and not have to worry about them at all. If you get ganked, just summon your stasis stack, and boom. It makes magi much more versatile and prepared for anything.

    1v1 magi is pretty strong, though there are a few classes that can be tricky (priest, occultist, apostate, etc) and require more advanced combat knowledge to fight. We have good affliction curing with the harmony change, and you can't say no to reflections (though reflections don't work against all classes). Our hinderance against monks and knights is pretty great too fue to limb crippling every hit. Essentially, we are a damage/momentum class that relies on salve pressure for our kills. 

    Group combat magi are pretty essential to a group composition (it's why we always get targeted first... cry). A good magi can dictate how the battle will go via vibes and other methods. A well-timed ret, for instance, can make or break a fight. With a cataclysm, you can wreck havoc from afar as well. Stormhammering multiple enemies can put even more pressure on enemy groups, and cause them to crumble even faster. We definitely aren't a support class!

    learning curve i'd rate around a 7. While it's not hard to learn the kill setups and how to achieve them against a stationary opponent, they take practice, and moreso against opponents who fight back/hinder, since salve pressure is a lot about timing.
  • Wow, perfect. @Aegoth is 2nd on combat ranking and unartefacted? What! Awesome!

    I will definitely have to try Magi out. Thanks @Kiet for being the most helpful guy on the forums.

    Woot! So pumped up.

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    combat rankings are never something you should go by regarding someone's skill (even if the contenders right now are). Also i am -extremely- artefacted.
  • @Aegoth Oh i didn't read Kiet's reply properly, lol. Anyway I'm enjoying the Magi a lot, so :)
  • Aegoth honestly best PvPer in game. He once killed me in one hit. True story.
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Amranu said:
    Aegoth honestly best PvPer in game. He once killed me in one hit. True story.
    Aegoth killed me in 1 second, once. That's what happens when you stumble into a room with 5 holobombs.
    Huh. Neat.
  • Who is aegoth?
  • Lyrin said:
    Who is aegoth?
    whats that
  • Exactly.
  • Screw you guys, I'm going home
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