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need help

AlberichAlberich Member Posts: 1
ok I'm returning to Achaea after a long absence. I still haven't decided whether to stick with this character or go with another one. The question I'm asking is about classes

I mostly want to do bashing with some PvP on the side. The classes I've thought about is Bard, Magi, Druid, Sylvan. Could someone give me the lowdown on cons, pros. Also I don't plan on purchasing arties by the way. At least not at first. I'm not sure I want to spend my rent on my on text toys yet  :# Anyway thanks for the help!


  • CooperCooper Member Posts: 5,526 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    There are probably 20 threads asking the same question as you, please use the search function.

  • CynlaelCynlael Member Posts: 3,257 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    No artifacts, I'd definitely pick up Sylvan if you're wanting to fight right off the bat. The others are definitely doable without them, but Sylvan is significantly easier, not to mention a ton tankier.

    Sylvan has basically no cons, aside from a weird affliction route which takes some time to figure out/get used to. It's tanky, gets free +2 int/con from viridian, among other stats depending on what you propagate.

    Magi can go pop easily without artifacts, but definitely has a lot of utility that it brings to the table. Its bashing, I've heard, is not too bad anymore. Obviously can still be squishy (moreso if you don't wanna be a tanky bug).

    Bard is great. Unartied it's not TOO bad, but it's kinda slow for hunting, and can be very squishy. For combat, it'll take a lot more work than if you were artifacted. But it's definitely doable.

    Druid, I dunno. I haven't seen it really get any major buffs, so I'd say its hunting is probably still pretty crap. PvP it can frontload a lot of damage, though.

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