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  • Seftin said:
    I think that mickey should work slightly differently. Slip Mickey to target. target eats Mickey.

    A look of confusion and disgust crosses the face of Jovolo as he realises he just ate Mickey the mouse, whole. A moment of panic crosses Jovolo's features as he realises there was a contraption strapped to the mouses back. A tick overcomes Jovolo's features as hemoves in time to an unheard beat moments before his stomach explodes, killing him instantly.
    We can balance it by making you require strapping a firecracker to Mickey.
    [2:41:24 AM] Kenway: I bet you smell like evergreen trees and you could wrestle boreal mammals but they'd rather just cuddle you
  • Glad to hear they "fixed" dagger to scale with pranks. I actually inquired about this when it came out and was told it would not be based on pranks but still weaponry, which made no sense to me.

    Jester an be a great class, I wouldn't have stuck with it for 3 years if it wasn't. In all this time the only other class I really consider is Serpent.

    As for artifacts, you don't really need anything to get started, SoA can be a great help as can a Shackle, but people will bitch so damn hard. Typically because they don't want to deviate from their predefined setup to accommodate the fact that you just changed elevation. It's not failproof or unstoppable by any means. It just makes them change their setup. So, if being called cheap offends you, you need to get over that asap, because you are going to be cheap.

    Now about afflictions, yes and no. No, you can't ever actually lock some one. You lack impatience as a skill and since most combatants have focus and it's now easier to obtain, you can't ever really lock. However, you certainly can try to fake a lock. You have timed illusions at your disposal begging to be stacked and chained with actual attacks. The possibilities are great. Though, you have to break down and understand how curing systems deal with illusions or check them. Faking a lock right now is really hard if not impossible on some systems, but the thing is you don't need to fake a lock, or even get a lock. You simply need to slow them down enough that they can't do anything for the duration of your instakill.

    I'm sure by now you have the basic concept of Jester pk. It's all about stopping them for the duration of an instant kill. Doing that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending on how experienced your opponent is and how they deal with things. However, Jester is pretty much unrestrained in terms of getting from point a to point b. You have no specific requirements, the only consistent is keeping your opponent from leaving or killing you first. If you use everything in your arsenal you can throw down some nasty hindrances rather fast and from the start. Puppetry becomes kind of a crutch at higher tiers, but the beauty of Jester is, you really need  nothing, so even the better combatants can still fall prey to some crafty trick. It's entirely up to you whether Jester is good or bad.
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    There are more locks than a truelock, to be fair. Jester has access to pretty much every lock (soft lock, venom lock, pipe lock, rift lock, "aeon" lock, slow lock, sleep lock, off the top of my head) except that one and they're pretty damn efficient at achieving them. 

  • Assumed he was talking about the truelock.

    It's dependent on the class and players choices though. So many classes have access to skills like fitness or similar ones that when combined with precaching curatives make obtaining those locks rather costly and sketchy. Though, you're right. Jester can utilize things like riftlocks pretty effectively against classes who don't have skills to save face.
  • Decorated with dark, injurious embellishment, this slender weapon exudes despair. A shattering of 
    black sunders the pommel's emerald stone, while a cracked winding of black leather binds the hilt to 
    tie tightly at a crossguard fashioned to depict a pair of contentious snakes. Granting this 
    assassin's tool its name, a dark bloom of blood perpetually stains the slender, pointed blade.

    That's the new level 3 throwing dagger.  If/when I ever upgrade the level ones I'm wanting to these bad boys, I definitely don't want someone picking the things up and forcing me to give up the stats I've paid for.  Has there been any talk of adding a return skill to Pranks?  Or can I normally count on them not being hoisted during combat?
  • What's the setup needed to getting dagger throws that fast? With juggling, mine are around 1.5+ seconds per throw (is there a config to turn on balance taken times?). I have knife thrower and nimble talents. All the daggers I got forged are 214 speed.
  • Should use throwing axes to juggle, but daggers shouldn't be taking 1.5s, they should be almost as fast as axes.

    Are you sure you're juggling the daggers you're throwing?

  • Yes, I was juggling. I'm not certain on the exact time, as I don't have timestamps setup yet and I can't find a config to show balance/eq costs. It wasn't as fast as what people are reporting here, though. I was using daggers as I don't have handaxe proficiency. Is that the preferred weapon for juggling?
  • No config but Wundersys and Svo will both show you. And thanks about the axes.  I'd thought it was more just an aesthetic choice. 
  • Were you using queue'ing as well? If you're just spamming your alias, you'll get inconsistent results.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • I wasn't really doing queueing, no. I haven't set up much combat-wise. I'll work on it.
  • 214 speed daggers should be about 0.7s with juggling, nimble, knife thrower, and trans weaponry (or pranks? I don't remember which it uses).
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