Proposal to change the way Rankings work



  • There are Three Tier One seamonster zones that I can see.
    One Tier Two zone.
    Two Tier Three
    Two Tier Four.

    The only ones that are relatively close to one another are two tier one zones.  Two of the Sea monster Zones are horrendous and pretty much a death trap if you fight there anyways.

    I mean, I doubt that's all the zones but still.

    IF people are using the rankings to zone in on people hunting sea monsters solo (which is already not a good idea).. Maybe just start smacking people for abusing mechanics.  That, or just remove the average level of seamonsters and only have THOSE update every Serenade.  What does it do?  "Oh hey, this person is killing seamonsters.... There are 8+ zones with a good distance between them...Wonder which one it isssss"

    I would assume just not updating the Average is pretty simple.  Though, if they can simply read a person easily and realize that they don't go out with very many other people.. they'll begin to realize they have a 1/4 chance to actually catch someone hunting seamonsters because only 4 of these areas are solo-able.  #Statistics.
  • Or just leave it as it is, stop catering to people whining about nothing, and allow our scant few coders the time to take care of things that are actually important for the game. There's an idea!
  • Heaven forbid someone in a multiplayer game wants to play with you. What will they think of next?!?

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I'm not saying change it.  I'm just tossing suggestions instead of "NERF ALL THE THINGS" because whatever.
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