A way to modify Achaean fire sigils

I think a neat idea would be that upon adding a flame sigil to something e.g. a backpack, the sigil is uniquely bound too you so if you drop the pack, only you would be able to pick it up rather than losing the said item forever.  I say this as I have just made that very mistake with my backpack, its a good thing that there wasn't anything in it but it would make it easier if something like that happened to someone that they could just pick it up again.


  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    That would essentially create an artefact-like quality on non-artefact items.

    Also, you can still take items out of dropped, flamed containers. The only thing you lose is your pack.
  • edited February 2016
    @Krypton I have tried that but it didn't seem to work, I will try again though

    *Update* I got the stuff back, also I didn't know some artifacts did that, thanks :)

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