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Coming up with something!

VashjVashj Member Posts: 1
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Hi everybody! This is my first serious shot at a character out here, so I decided to submit a description and a backstory to see what you think. 
I would really like to have that Lovecraftian scent about my character, so being a Grook already I though it is a simpler matter. Here stands the humble begining of a soon to be mighty description (with some help of course):

"Standing a little more than five feet tall, his upper torso is hunched forward in a primal stance. Jet-black skins covers the visible part of his
scrawny complexion, from the inward, fish-like ears to both webbed hands. His eyes shimmer with a watery green hue, while his mouth's sharp teeth protrude forming a slight overbite"

As for the story, it also needs quite a dose of refining, but I think that I am set to building an evilish-chaotic character so far.

"I was born in Ulangi, in a shabby hut at the fringes of town. I grew up only with my mother; never really bothered to find out who my father was, we were just fine. I don't remember having many troubles back then, we led a simple life. I had plenty of places to wonder around, and for when that wasn't enough, an old pile of history books, my only paternal inheritance. Maybe if things had being different back then, I could have become a philosopher or something alike.
Most of my folks where kind of pushy with the study of magic and the like, but I never really cared much about it. Not that I didn't have any talent, but I think that I enjoyed breeding other types of erudition, maybe of a simpler nature. That until some punk burned down my mother to ashes in a petty quarrel, all at the same time he claimed posession of some superior wisdom about how the world worked and probably would have kept going on if his throat would not had a shiv stuck in between all of the sudden.
I buried what was left of my mother in a tidy manner, all the while I thought how unfair this was. She was smart, kind, always willing to share what little she had, and yet for all her do-gooder nature she could do nothing against her fate. But yet I felt that I had brought some justice, not because of the gods, or magic or whatever, but because of my own strenght and will, which I will strive to maintain...."

Thanks for reading!


  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WAMember Posts: 1,222 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I dig it so far. I know Team Chaos does (used to?) have a lot of Lovecraftian designs and ideas interwoven into their factional lore, so I would definitely encourage checking them out.

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