If an enemy dropped gold while raiding, and it was their own fault, would you return it?

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  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    You know, this is not the first conversation you've started that comes across as trying to crowdsource your morality, or seek justification/vindication for some controversial act you may or may not have just pulled, and yet you act surprised when people imply you're a shady character.
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  • Going to now open this for a name and shame of me for any time that I have not gone out of my way to return gold when dropped on any occasion. 
  • The polled instance has not ever happened to me, as far as I'm aware. 

    @Asmodron is the only one that can say I have done it, and I would love for him to tell you how broken up he is over 95 gold.
  • Lol lol lol more words
  • Taraus said:
    Curious why "It depends on who THEY are" isn't an option here, because I feel like that, more than anything else, would influence things.
    I suppose it depends on their attitude is as close as you'll get to that.
         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

  • It depends on more than attitude, imo. If a newbie drops 50k and that's their entire life's savings, I'm more likely to give it back. If someone that has milllions and millions of gold and disposable income and also happens to be a jerk drops 200k, I'm more likely to keep it or the majority of it.
  • What @Kiet said, but you have to be a real dickhead for me to consider keeping it. That karma has paid off beyond measure.

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    I always returned gold I found dropped, if I could find out who it was. Dead body hunting, dead raiding, whatever.

    I'm not going as far as making a post, I've kept gold twice in my 10+ years playing because I couldn't tell who it was and the person didn't post/ask around for it.
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  • It would depend on their attitude I think, If they just yelled at screamed at me to give it back, I would have no qualms about keeping it I think, but I tend to feel guilty about things, so I would probably give most of it back, even if they were a jerk.

  • I'd give it back to any newbie, and I'd give it back to someone who I knew or who had a good reputation(meaning how they treat others). Someone that had a bad reputation, or jumped straight to being a dick about it would be SOL. Someone in between would probably have to admit that they had no right to the gold and show me that they weren't going to hold ill will toward me for keeping it before they got it back, and someone with a good reputation who went the opposite route there would lose all respect from me on the spot.

    Had a thief who would rob people for fun/practice and give their stuff back afterward. Most people, even after getting their stuff back, were huge dicks about it and still pursue some pretty extreme retaliation. That was their right and I never tried to deny them that, but it definitely coloured my inclinations to be good to people.

    Really though... who is going to raid with their life savings in hand? Kinda deserve to lose it at that point. If you're defending, I can understand it. You've had the situation thrust upon you unexpectedly and something slipping your mind can be taken for granted, but initiating?
  • Yeah if someone brings it to my attention and it's not an inconsequential amount, absolutely I would.
  • When I play, I RP my character. This character would see gold and pocket it. Especially if it was an enemy's. Unless mechanics are different here: bank it, pack it or lose it. That's how I was taught, anyhow.

    But, if I they ask and ask nicely I'll give it back minus a finder's fee. Mostly because the player is super nice.
  • I'm nice to a fault. I say inconsequential because I reflex grab gold and might not notice it.

  • Essentially, if the person has a history of being a decent fellow and not a complete asshole, I'm likely to give it back, no matter how much it was. On the flip side if the person is a dick all the time, probably not giving any of it back.

  • I'd probably give it back, regardless.
    Above all else, Achaea is a game for me - I relax and relieve stress through playing. I also earn most of my credits in the game, which makes gold really important.
    I'd hate to ruin someone else's fun time just because. Golden rule!

    Plus, earning the gold feels a lot better than just picking up other people's stuff. It's also less taxing on my conscience.
  • AereidhnaAereidhna Dallas
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    99% of me would give it back regardless, but the only time this has actually happened to me (I don't reflexively pick up gold, it was a small amount of gold someone following me had accidentally grabbed not during a raid), the person interrupted an important event and threatened and was a complete and utter dick about it, so that sort of made me want to lean towards 'depends on their attitude.' But in the very unlikely event that there was a raid and I accidentally grabbed someone's treasure hoard it'd be against my personality and Aereidhna's not to return it.
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    I feel like if something like this were looked at from a pure rp perspective it would be no question as to whether or not the gold should be returned. If Mhaldor were to raid Targossas and a Targossian dropped 500k, on a rp level that gold should go straight into the Mhaldor city coffers as spoils of war. No hesitation. The real question here is whether or not you consider it in character if someone drops a large sum of gold while raiding.
  • Jemaine said:
    I feel like if something like this were looked at from a pure rp perspective it would be no question as to whether or not the gold should be returned. If Mhaldor were to raid Targossas and a Targossian dropped 500k, on a rp level that gold should go straight into the Mhaldor city coffers as spoils of war. No hesitation. The real question here is whether or not you consider it in character if someone drops a large sum of gold while raiding.
    Yes but/and...I think that there's a line in any RPG between immersive RP and not being an asshole. (In my opinion) - griefing crosses this line, for example. I think most people agree that someone accidentally dropping large sums of gold they need and not returning it probably crosses this line. RP-wise I definitely agree that folks who choose to raid Cyrene get what they deserve. (I've had it out in the past over whether pirates who sink Cyrenians should be penalized for commodities or other valuables the Cyrenian drops because they assumed all of the responsibility for the situation by choosing to sink someone.) But/and I also want the game to be fun and not punitive for people, and sometimes I think breaking immersion to not be a dick and make someone else's game play better is the preferred way to go.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    This is a rpg game, but above all, it is a game. As someone who knows how much it sucks to lose a lot of gold and not even have a clue who took it/how to get it back, I'd definitely return it if I was able to. 

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Why would you ask for fake gold back? 

    If I dropped it, and I know you have it, that gives my character a reason to hate your character. Then we can argue, start going after each other, and generally being mean, which in turn leads to conflict RP! 
  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    I just send it back, and try to avoid any ic conversation about it.  It feels like a very real breach of rp for me, and I am fine with that considering what is at stake, just don't waste my time with some sudo ic request for it if I don't notice.  A message is fine. 
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    Magenta dropped a decent amount of gold (30,000?) the other night when we were raiding Targossas.

    I would have returned it, but I never heard from Magenta herself. @Antidas approached me OOCly and asked whether or not I'd return it, and how I would like to go about it if so. In the end we agreed it would just make the most sense to RP it out with her. 

    At this point, three months have gone by and I never heard from her. At this point it is well mixed in with my spending and hunting gold, so a little late to get it back. 

    But theoretically, should you ask me for your dropped gold back, I'd likely give most, if not all, of it back.

    But shoutout to @Antidas for the way he handled her dropping it, I just never heard from her and ICly not going out of my way to return gold to a Targossian
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