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Howdy, I've been away for almost a year now and plan on making a return. My biggest dilemma right now is which class I should come back as. My main focus will be combat, seconded by reaching dragon. As for the classes i've taken interests in are Runewarden, Magi, Blademaster and Monk. If anyone could chime in and give some incite on how the various classes are nowadays that would be great. I'm looking to see which one has the biggest learning curve(or the less), coding requirement, hunting prowess, artefact investment, etc.


  • to be honest, i think that with the changes to sylvan that learning curve is the best, its very small. you get tanky asf at level one so you wont be dying, viridian gets buffs now, and you'll have groves for random stuff you need
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  • For a beginner, I would recommend runie.  You can start off with very simplistic damage kills and work your way into more complex strategies. The main thing you will need is going to be a limb counter.  For hunting, it is easily one if, if not the, best.  Very tanky, very nice damage.  There are a few different play styles and it isn't as expensive to rotate between them as it is a new class. 
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    Yeah I'd go with Magi or Runie.

    Runie bashing is pretty good, but I didnt mind Magi at all for my dragon hunt. Magi is a bit more complex for combat, where runie is pretty easy (even I learned it!). 

    The problem I had with runie is limb breaks take awhile starting out, like 8+ hits as sword and shield. But still a fun class!

    Edit: If Targossas is in your interests, then I'd highly recommend Priest and Paladin! Both really fun classes
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