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Ship Changes!



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    Jacen said:
    Siduri said:
    Just pitching in because @Kez makes a good point. I will typically be in Achaea at all time of the day unless I'm sleeping. That includes classes, that includes work to some extent:

    I won't raid, won't defend, won't do anything that requires my character to walk into danger and stop in the middle of doing whatever she was doing because a customer walked in the store. However, I've been online, and available to discuss and lead a House for a good period of time, by giving insight and timely guidance to my officers.

    Sure, I lost the position because midterms happened to coincide with Deucalion's return and an increased pressure to work faster/more on the field at the same time where RL forced me to slow down. It sucks, but if you ask anyone in my House, they're pretty much all going to tell you my AFK contribution has been more weighty than a lot of people's.

    Ships made this possible.
    Wouldn't all of this been just as possible and a lot more enriching in a subdivision or House hall room though? 
    I don't consider lolprisms and roflradiance to be a contribution to my enjoyment of the game. Given the few times I've tried that, this happened to me, then no.

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    Sarapis said:
    The inability of some of you to have a civil discussion never fails to amaze.

    Psh, admit it - despite everything, you surely derive some small satisfaction from everyone getting so invested/emotional/etc about your creation. :p Even if it could be discussed in a better way!
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