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Interesting Population Stats



  • Eld
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    Tibitha said:
    Eld said:
    Tibitha said:
    Not quite, for each char I calculate the average fraction of that hour they're online (so if I recorded 24 10min segments in the hour between 13 and 14 and you were online for 12 of them I'd log you as being online 0.5hrs between that time)

    Then for each city I add the times of all the chars in that city (that's the orange line). The area under the blue graph is the average between all the cities  (flat, not weighted by size). So the blue graph is constant.

    But then the single "hours per day %" number for each city is just the average of the orange curve over the average of the blue one (or equivalently, the ratio of the areas under them), right?
    Oh you mean in the table? Well it's actually the area under the orange line (summed across all hours) as a percentage of the sum of ALL players across all hours.

    So like, of all the time players spent in the game, 19% of those came from Cyrenian players, does that make sense?
    Ah, right, the area under the curve is only 1/6 of the sum of all players across all hours. So the number in the table is what I thought it was, but 6 times what I said it was.
  • Zuko
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    Iv definitely noticed the shift in Targ's peak hours. 

    Early afternoon (for me at least) has been a popular time lately, I dig it
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