As someone who wants to try Achaea again, what class/city should I join?

I enjoyed playing Achaea a couple years ago, and then basically forgot about it. I noticed one of the many emails that was sent out proclaiming some new change or another, and figured I might give it another try. Before I start and get invested into a character, I was hoping to ask for advice. I want to play a class that has the most variety of killing people in fun ways without requiring a degree in coding. I seem to remember getting frustrated at the amount of coding, and my expertise is basically limited to creating aliases and downloading other people's work.

In tandem with this, is there a city who would be most welcoming to a character that doesn't know how everything works yet, but would like to get involved with fighting and all that jazz?


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  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    if you join hashan and need coding help or want to learn to fight as.. any class, really, hit @Kasa up.
    Aurora says, "Tharvis, why are you always breaking things?!"
    Artemis says, "You are so high maintenance, Tharvis, gosh."
    Tecton says, "It's still your fault, Tharvis."

  • Alchemist, Jester, Sentinel all have multiple ways to kill that don't really require any coding to do well with. Just a number of aliases and clever highlighting. 

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