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what shaped your character?



  • CzanthriaCzanthria Member Posts: 63 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Kinilan said:
    Skye said:
    Skye will never forget that after straying and wandering for so long, @Neraeos was still watching and waiting for her to return and serve him. That's why she's still Nereian where so many others have already forsaken oaths and strayed. She's been tempted many times of course, and sometimes harbours doubts, but Nerry is the thing that roots her to reality and society. Otherwise she'd just be kind of a psychopath >_> I'm always terribly afraid that one day, losing Nerry would cause her to BSOD for real. 

    There are of course lots of other things that 'shape' her, or at least sides that she thinks are good to present to other people, but she's ultimately first and foremost a Fishy. 

    A bunch of old, dead, long forgotten Runewardens and @Czanthria shaped Kinilan. and a bunch of bad experiences with people in Cyrene, and Lupus' order. Watching the great Runewarden Guild turn in to the shitty Warden House. A lot of negativity.

    I guess I should be happy you didn't count me among the dead and long forgotten!  You are still the Kinikins!
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    @Tibitha your hammer to my face says you are very much a combatant.
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