Combat Riddles

Just sharing what @Zarem and I put together for Targossas's festival. See how well you do!


Getting stuck with this
makes a body wretched.
Despite it's name
much will be projected.

What is it?
Answer: Euphorbia, a venom that induces nausea


Oh my oh my I need a nap!        
Mining for this is an energy sap 
With this tiniest word           
You should avoid me, old chap!  

What am I? 
Answer: Restoration. Going line by line you get rest-ore-a-shun.


It's about time
It's about space
Eye see you, Snaky snake!

What is it?
Answer: Phase, an ability by serpents altering their state of space-time that is undone by an eye sigil.


Flung high upon the air,
a shattering flare.  
It's dust on the ground
Shows where they are bound.   

What is it?
Answer: Star. The first two lines refer to star tarot which fires a meteor and the second two the star sigil that allows you to track hidden people exiting the room. 


I am a common source of the long spear's might
Just say two words I'll take you out of sight

What am I?
Answer: Horse. A lance is a long spear which is the power of the joust comes from the steed. The radio rune brings the user to the location it is etched when the words "ride home" are spoken. That rune is shaped like a horse.


Chitin, moss, and clay found
a font for mental might.
'tis the home for three ladies
who comes out every night.

What is it?
Answer: Moon. The moon tattoo restore mental strength and uses a red, blue, and yellow ink. The reagents for those inks are red clay, lumic moss, and yellow chiting. The last two lines refer to Lady Ourania


An elemental duo
With me can make a scene.
I am the timeless companion
of the Wildwood Queen.

What am I?
Answer: Cataclysm. The first two lines refer to a magi pair. The second two refer to Lady Artemis, the companion of Lady Gaia, and Goddess of the Cataclysm.


Lady A! Lady A!
What's that You bear
In a pair?

They slice!
They dice!
Sweet wielded device!

What are they?
Answer: Scimitars. Lady Aurora's favored paired swords.


Not served in barrel,
bottle or vial,                          
Pirates might dine
With this, not wine                     
Synthesized, not altruized              

What is it?
Answer: Cuprum. First 2 lines (Cup). Lines 3 and 4 (Rum). The last line refers to synthesis and curing generosity.


I am a prayer for protection 
yielding a lethal barrier white.
I am a call for rescue 
for one that serves the Light.

What am I?
Answer: Deliverance. The first two lines refer to the kaido defence in which the monk prays then has a lethal barrier with his/her eyes glowing white. The latter two lines refer to the ability in Devotion.

Hope you all enjoyed it!


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