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Card Decks

AnedhelAnedhel Member Posts: 2,367 @@ - Legendary Achaean
So, the card decks you can get are really pretty excellent. Being able to play wherever with other people is aces (no pun intended)!

However, there're a couple little fixes that'd probably make life easier if they could be put in!

First, I don't suppose there's any chance a way to sort the cards could be put in? Like, by suit, or by descending/ascending numerical value? That'd make reading your hand (specially in games that require a lot of cards in a player's hand) easier.

Second, I wonder if it'd be possible to put in a feature to exclude certain cards? Some games, for instance, are only played with face cards, others without face cards, and so on. That'd give players options to play some games they can't, currently!

Finally, and I know I'm bordering on needy now- I don't suppose it'd be possible to put in a way to check the top card of the play/discard piles without actually taking the card, eh? Just for the sake of convenience! (You can take it and put it back, now, but it's a bit unwieldy).

With a few fixes, I'm sure people wouldn't mind forking over the same you'd pay for, say, a pair of Ivory Dice (given a deck of cards presents so many more options).



  • UlaUla Member Posts: 71 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    great ideas! amped to learn there are card decks! I want one!

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