A functional Affliction Machine for learning venom combinations

Greetings everyone,

I have an idea for the serpent class that I would like to be discussed.

In order to practice your doublestab combinations, it must be done through some sort of PVP combat.  I was thinking of a payable 'machine' or dummy that has 3 different speeds, in which you are able to doublestab and target with arrows.  You are able to 'load' the machine with the cures needed and it would tell you the afflictions that it has collected/cured.   This would enable all serpents to practice in private and hone their skill.

What do you all think?


  • I'm liking this idea, but I guess most people would just argue it isn't hard to find a real dummy. It would be a great convenience, but I think theory and day dreamers are suited for this. 
  • It could work on edged weapons too, wouldn't have to worry about damage.
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    As Andrego suggests, you can already just find another person to work with.

    My vote is no to things that remove the need to interact with other people. Removing the need to interact almost always increases convenience, but it's almost always detrimental in a game like Achaea.

    Also, it would need to be very complicated to emulate all the different curing priorities and swapping people can do. It would almost certainly be more useful to just have a sparring partner anyway. (I'm also unsure what "different speeds" would be for - what's the point in practicing against something that cures at a different speed than players?)
  • Yes player interaction is what it should be, but I wouldn't mind having one of these around when you can't find anyone.  And the speeds I was talking about is like beginning, intermediate, expert difficulty.
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    Disclaimer: I am a fan of trial and error. I think it is a great way of learning and unfortunately a lot of serpent combat, in my experience as a new player, seems to be a lot of learn as you go, try some things in the field, see what didn't work and why, improve, then try a different approach.

    However, to counter Tael's point, viable Serpent RP could very much so dictate a player's want to -not- interact with players, simply because they are trying to stay under the radar or lengthen the time before they become a 'known' serpent.

    As a serpent who has spent countless hours 'bothering' people so I can test on them, replacing their curatives and compensating them for their time, when I cannot go into Delos and practice for free and any  amount of time needed ( @Chris the arena PRACTICE mode is something you should look into, it shows both cures and afflictions gained and lost), I wouldn't mind seeing something like this implemented. I have often found that a lot of the time I am testing things, I am doing very little interaction with them, except for having them swap priorities or pause and cure certain things so I can watch progressions, or code in a few highlights or make a new alias/keybind for say expert diagnoser. It is nothing close to a rewarding experience for the other person, unless they start asking me questions about locks and what I am doing, and even then it ends up becoming insane because it's mostly a discussion on curing mechanics and whatever it is I am coding at the time. Something of this sort means--I don't have to steal someone's time and helps me do more than what I can test by only echoing things back to myself.
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