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CCENT Instructional material

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Does anyone have any CCENT instructional material they would be willing to let me get, the reason I'm asking is that one of the colleges I'm looking at locally has a degree program, that I'm sure I've mentioned elsewhere, but it's a BS Industrial Technology,  with a concentration in Information and Computer Technology. The only problem is this  Current Cisco CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, or CompTIA Network + certification prior to enrollment.  I looked at a CCENT practice test, and realized that I should have taken more networking classes as electives instead of coding classes. And getting a certificate in networking from the college that gave me my associates degree is on my list of things to do while I get my bachelors degree, however if I want to get into the undergraduate program that I want to get into at ECU in the fall, I need to get my CCENT asap. So if anyone wants to help me you know be smart, thank you in advance.



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