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I've never posted anything before, but as a German growing up in Thailand really into Thai-Boxing I was wondering if any of you guys out there who may have some sort of training are wondering if Tekura should get a workover? I'm missing elbow and knee combos, clinching and weapon use in martial arts a little, and I thought I would start a little discussion over it since I am not at all a computer whiz and do not know the depths of combat enough to work out intricate details. I was thinking something along the lines of being able to wield a knife with a punch and that doing cutting instead of blunt damage, elbows being more forceful way of a blunt attack but harder to hit as well because of the close proximity needed. Same for knees, but being able to use them subsequently if the head of my target is locked or "clinched" in my arms. Maybe we can work out a few nice things for classleads, maybe it's just me who likes kicking around as a monk, any and all ideas on this topic are welcome!


  • Dominius
    Dominius Member Posts: 164 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
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    I would also like to introduce the idea of being able to hold down a target, and performing locks on them that they may need to "writhe" out of, but that making the attacker prone as well..
  • Dortheron
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    There needs to be a balance between theme, utility, and strength. A great or realistic idea in real life does not always translate well into a game (not being able to tumble off of impale, anyone?).

    Ignoring balance and combat usefulness, it would be pretty interesting to see some extra love. The Kata's and demonstrations, while interesting to watch, are only there for flavor (but was incredibly painful when they weren't) and would be awesome to have some extra feature. Backbreaker throw is only useful throw there is, so having some grappling or clinching moves would be cool to use. Monks also have palmstrike (instead of close punches, you slap with the flat of your palm. Temporary blindness and only purpose is to generate kai for other monks) and the guards, but they don't contribute to theme except for guarding and the occasional pinch block. Biggest source of theme is the stances, and the only ones that are used are eagle, scorpion, and dragon (and you only really use eagle until you get to scorpion).

    Combat-wise, things get complicated. Monk's can't be wielding anything in their hands in order to use punches, so that would have to be worked around to even be useable. Monk combos have the intention of doing prep damage, and adding in a weapon would either have to compensate for the lack of preping or adept by adding in other effects. Making them do more damage just ends up with high-end monks just wrecking everyone. Adding in weapons also opens up to the possibility of envenomed weapons (maybe two of them, one dagger in each hand? Add in roundhouse kick, that's a possible 3 afflicitions with one combo). There is a reason why a monk can't afflict via Telepathy and use Tekura with the same balances. Ignoring all of that and making the proper adjustments, you also have to figure in if these additions or changes affect group combat.
    Monks, and other classes in general, are going to min/max their abilities when fighting, so there has to be a reason for any changes made to be useful or interesting for roleplay. There has been a slow parring away of pointless abilities (aka psycombat) that aren't useful in most, if not all, rp or combat situations.

    tl;dr monks could use more rp & theme stuff, but combat is complicated. Tread carefully!

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  • Dominius
    Dominius Member Posts: 164 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    So I have been around for quite a while and know that there are stances and a palmstrike and blocks and what they are used for, and I know the works are complicated so treading carefully would be important once things are implemented,  but I meant this to be a discussion with ideas that can be worked out maybe, so please keep it at that,  and if you don't like this post or any of the ideas just move on elsewhere. 
  • Khairt
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    Just to be THAT guy, monk kata in lusternia is pretty BA. One of the IREs has what we have, but lets you also choose two kicks in a balance, or four punches, in addition to the kick punch punch.

  • Kuy
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    Khairt said:
    Just to be THAT guy, monk kata in lusternia is pretty BA. One of the IREs has what we have, but lets you also choose two kicks in a balance, or four punches, in addition to the kick punch punch.
    It's also way more complicated than anything any monk here has ever tried to do, but fits Lusty because of their obscene amount of cure balances.
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  • Kaijin
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    Give monks nunchaku, wakizashi, and bo staffs.
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