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I've been wanting to play Achaea again. Sadly all I have is an iPhone 4 and Pocket Mud Pro, which is the best client I could get. Pocket Mud Pro can use the Lua but I have no idea how that works. If anyone is willing to make me a working curing system for a Priest in Lua conpatible with Pocket Mud Pro, I'm willing to pay.


  • I use that. 

    Join Mhaldor and I share my scripts.
  • Orzaansyn what scripts you have for it -- message me here?  I have Pocket Mud and Mudblaster? Both really are nice clients given they're on iPhones.
    @DontarionDrakor for twitter boredom.

  • Apparently he only shares with Mhaldorians. I wouldn't mind making an alternate Mhaldorian. But what if the scripts only work for his class?
  • @Dontarion: I coded them myself with the PocketMud Pro and LUA documentations. Decent curing (forget combat, but you keep alive when hunting), Antitheft, autosip, extraction, some fancy triggers for when I hunt, harvest in Xaihen Dale... Nothing amazing, really.

    @Ixidor: I am a she (if I'm not wrong about latest anatomy researches).

    Think about what you wish to do. Play a lot with aliases and targets, too.

    The links:

    Testing your code (use the lua button)

    PocketMudPro does not include all the fancy libraries like String or Table. The online code tester upward neither.

    To test your code, just fake the capture by adding the matches array, and replace every send() by print()

    I wished that a single letter can set a target, and attack that target. (it will be t)
    I wished that a single letter educe iron on a target. (it will be h)

    In the game, I prepared my aliases and targets:

    setalias t settarget hta

    setalias h educe iron &hta

    In the triggers:

    Name: Kill
    Pattern: Target hta = (\w+)

    attack="educe iron "..target

    To test it, then:

    matches={"Target hta = monk","monk"}
    attack="educe iron "..target

    Then, if I do t monk I will send educe iron monk, and after, if I do h, it will send the same.
  • @Orzaansyn Well I tried but I seem not to get this as easily as I got the ACP and did my own curing script. I also tried reading through it but I guess I don't get it right. I spoke with Vadimuses and he told me it would be impossible for him to do a curing system on Pocket Mud Pro because it would be extremely time consuming and expensive. I wish it was easier to use these clients and that more people used an iPhone/Clients for iPhone and there was a solid community for this.
  • @Ixidor I built my system too in that, but it's not efficient. It's ok when hunting, or those kind of things, but not more. I manage to fight, thougth. The most painful point is the bugs in the captures (for exemple, it won't capture a " ...). I am seriously thinking about developping my own client with JS support, for the IRE one, which seems very cool, won't connect me, and seems to only be a resize of the regular one on an iPhone.

    What do you mean "a solid community"?
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    @Orzaansyn I was thinking of trying to get a copy of Omnipave 3 and use it as a 'skeleton build'. If I could find a reliable system done in LUA that I could use as foundations and get ideas from it, then I could script a system for Pocket MUD Pro. Assuming it doesn't start to crack up when it has hundreds of triggers and codes. And depending on how well one can call up a script command. Basically the way I did the IXI-System was with ACP as a skeleton build.

    There is a solid community for Mudlet. A LOT of people use that. Then they have SVO or Omnipave or their own clients worked out from using SVO and Omnipave as skeleton builds. Pocket Mud Pro? I've seen three of us use it but that's it: You, me and @Dontarion. Now if there were LOTS of people using an iPhone to play and the grand majority used Pocket MUD Pro, we'd have lots of people working on it and more ideas/scripts/coding/etc :)
  • @Ixidor My current issue with curing (I took Omnipave as a "skeleton builld", as you mentioned) is that PocketMud Pro does not include the fancy string library for LAU, therefore you do not have a contains(). I have been too lazy to code one myself yet. And the " bug is really blocker to do anything correct.
  • @Orzaansyn Darn. So that means Pocket Mud Pro will crack up if an actual full system was attempted. And by that I mean it lacks the speed and efficiency to handle multi curing plus things like Aeon and illusions. What a bummer. and PMP is the best MUD client I've seen for iPhone...
  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    if i knew specifically what you were trying to do i could find a way around that for you.


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  • @Mishgul thanks for the kind offer, but I've rapidly lost hope of getting a competent curing system for PMP. I didn't need something terribly fancy. Just enough to be a decent combatant since I can fall back on Healing. But from what I've read from @Orzaansyn, who has kindly shared, it would seem PMP will crack up with a full blown curing system.
  • Hey, @Orzaansyn I don't suppose you know if PMP is good for setting up aliases to run a specific target for me to be able to tap a specially made button, since it is having trouble with my codd it seems. Basically I am running  a simple T (.*) alias that does a TARGET == Matches[2] command, which makes it so I can target without having to quit my mud just to be able to change tagets...or set up retarded numbers of buttons..
  • @Xeran I do not know what PMP is, and I do not understand why you need to quit the mud to change target. I would anyway advise you to use server side targetting with ST <target>
  • Pmp = pocketmud pro
  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
    Just got pmp, having issues...can you not edit triggers/aliases while logged in?
  • no, you cannot do that.
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front
    You can in MUDRammer
  • Herenicus said:
    You can in MUDRammer
    That doesn't sound right at all...

    I use pocketmud pro on my phone and ipad I'll have to check out this rammer.
  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
    Yeah im really disappointed with pmp
  • Well, you should not expect it's Mudlet portage either.

    Remember I reached Logosian, HR10 in the EF, Sartai, HL and that I was fighting/dueling with pmp (okay, I'm not a fighter, but I had a few kills).
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