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Roleplayed back in 2008, and I miss it!

Reading on this forum, it seems like good RP is still happening. I have been rather sentimental the last few hours reading about it. I remember being scared of Wulfen, Oliver, Tenebrus and so many others Mhaldorians. But also having very good people who helped me and formed warm relations. :heart: 

And I was thinking; is it possible to return? Is it possible to have a character that can be roleplayed casually, but also being interactive with others? It is what I miss, more than the game mechanics and leveling. 
I used to stay in character at all times, and warn in tells if I had to OOC for some reason. But I also remember pauses between the really fun RP, and a lot of time spent bashing.

Brynhildr was my first; a disciplined Infernal, a fanatic believer in Evil who displayes an effortless lack of empathy. Ridgid about rules and honour, at least when she aimed for knighthood. But I don't have the time or skill to make her become a knight, and frankly, her social skills are not that good. She needs some development in her character, she went very dark in her strife for knighthood. 
Brynhildr life is summed up here: http://www.achaea.com/forum/the-legends-of-brynhildr  

My alt; A dashing satyr druid, well mannered and always helpful to his house and ladies worldwide. From a good family, he moved from Cyrene to Hashan to become a merchant.  I swapped to playing him when Brynhildr got too difficult, and he is her opposite; empathic, charming and joyful. I don't have a log of his life. He was born in Cyrene, but moved to Hashan to join the Merchants house. His time was mostly divided between picking herbs and seducing his love. 

Is it possible to do "visitor roleplay" in the realms? If somebody have something planned out, and need a part to be acted by somebody else, I could pop in and do my part.
(Ok, now it sounds dirty, but I don't mean it like that. I just do flirty-dirty at tops ) 

If others think it could be fun to do something like that, I would be interested in dipping my toes in Achaea again. It could be small things, like delivering a message or item. Or a distant family member visiting, behaving in a certain way, or having some information about something (and perhaps start a chain of events for you to act out when I'm gone again). Perhaps a hired help for the season, doing whatever you need help with. It could basically be anything to add a little flavour to a story, or start a story. Either several in cooperation, or as a surprise to somebody.

Perhaps I'm just daydreaming of you guys, but that's nice too :)



  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western FrontMember Posts: 1,734 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Successful organizations dedicate personnel to pressing new or recently-dormant characters into service. You can easily and organically roleplay around those interactions, without making bashing your focus. You might also keep an eye on RPWHO; players there have opted-in, meaning they have time and interest in roleplaying at that very moment. Some complain that RPWHO invites self-introductions and other social atrocities that decent people try and avoid. Slaves to courtesy can always make contact OOCly to set up an RP introduction that makes better sense for them.

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    I think a visitor role play, to test the waters, would be a good idea. Frankly, the person that invited me had been playing for six months and was telling me about her experience. I kind of overshadowed her when she played and I liked what I saw. Based on what I gathered, I then picked a city and a house that I thought would get me the best start. I've been able to roleplay casually with no problem.

    Most people don't have someone that they can overshadow, and I think it is the norm to create throwaway characters in different cities. This can get a tad time consuming. Depending on whether or not the city has a good welcome committee, you may not even be able to roleplay off the bat as people tend to overlook novices. Places I know that are good at this are Mhaldor and Hashan. Targossas is getting a lot better since I've first started. Cyrene... well they are friendly as heck, you'd probably have no problem getting visitor roleplay out of them.

    If you decide to go this route, use RPWHO like suggested by Herenicus. I really enjoy this system, and most of the time I can just send an ic tell or track the person down without any issue. Hell, I'm on there too. Just send me a tell.
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