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Best race for those Monks!

AazeAaze Posts: 3Member
Oookay, I've heard some pretty good debate regarding the best race for a Monk. I'm a Rajamala Monk, because, well, tiger-dudes are cool. Get to RP a bit with tails, which is beyond fun. So, anyway, past RPing and all, what are the best races for Monk?

I've heard about Horkval, Mhun, Troll, Tsol'aa, and Rajamala, and (surprisingly) Grook.

I don't know much about each races balance rec. time, which I'm sure is really important as a Monk for the fastest bal. rec. times, to create crazy fast combos.

Horkval: I've heard somewhat mixed input on these guys. Great because of their armor, but don't they have a slow balance rec.? And their Int.?!?! That's not really good, if you plan on using Telepathy, aye? I'm not sure if you need moderate-high intelligence for Kaido, 'cuz I haven't got there yet.

Mhun: These guys are pretty fast, right? With the spec. Keeper, wouldn't that make you like, a Ninja build?

(For those that don't know the types of builds I've seen, Ninja=really fast, strong, low def. Tank=really slow, pretty powerful, high def. Glass cannon= This one depends. Could be slightly faster, super powerful, low def. (glass, duh) or normal speed, crazy powerful, low def. All around=name says it all. Power shield=low speed, reg. str., crazy powerful def. Race car=crazy fast, reg. str OR pretty strong, reg. def. Lastly, Tougher=reg. speed, reg. str., reg. def., super giant pools of health.)

Troll: I would say, classic Tank, maybe OR possibly a glass cannon. They have a pretty slow bal. rec., right? And the blunt chance, would that work with Monks, as they use fists, and those are blunt, or not?

Tsol'aa: Hrm, I'm not even sure about them. They've got the stats: STR: 12 DEX: 12 CON: 11 INT: 13, so this would be near all around, yea? The 13 int. would help pretty well with telepathy, but it would be pretty basic bashing, right? Again, not really sure about these guys.

Rajamala: Erm, well, I THINK I heard they have pretty good bal. rec. with decent str. and int. that would help with both Tekura AND Telepathy/Kaido, which might make it one of the best races for Monk? Not saying anything just because I am Rajamala, but it does help, if you really look at it. Hmm.....

Grook: These guys..... Erm, I'm like, positively sure that maybe Kaido and Telepathy would be super deadly with these guys. High mana and willpower pool, they would be killer against them. Give them some def. arties, and they would be throwing mind locks and crazy stuff like that with ease. Tekura would be a dead waste, unless you stuff them with artifacts. So, you would really have to wait until you embrace, then you could reincarnate into Grook when you've Trans Telepathy?

These aren't like, true fact, duh...... These are my opinions and guesses. I'm really trying to figure out which is best, and started with the above for like, a kick-starter.

So, what do you guys think?


  • JacenJacen Posts: 2,303Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Short answer is that race has no effect on either balance or equilibrium recovery times. There are no slow or fast races. HELP <RACE> lists the specs for each race. Trolls arent inherently strong and dumb... you get to make that choice when you specialize. If you're a minmaxer though, you'll wanna choose a race that maxes a single stat, which is 15 I believe.
  • EldEld Posts: 3,946Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    The current race spec/trait system is intended to minimize the need for minmaxing for pvp, so that you can choose the race you want to rp without worrying about racial weaknesses making it unsuitable for the class you want to play. So if you like raja, I'd say go with that. If you really want to minmax for pvp, it's probably most useful to focus on strength as a monk. I think xoran is a common choice on those grounds; it's one of the three (along with satyr and troll) with 13 base strength, and it sacrifices 1 point of dex for it, which is the least useful stat for non-serpents.
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