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Hi! I've decided I wanna switch to the Alchemy class for better RP opportunities and coolness. But I kind of like to min-max otherwise I seem to lose interest after some time, so the problem is that I would like to make good use of my reincarnation and trait reset - I can work with the RP for each class. My focus will be on bashing definitely, and I would also like to do as much combat as possible on the side. 

A quick look at the abilities of alchemist show extra crit chance, health sip etc., so it seems to go very well with human. But horkval could also offer better resists and they would stack nicely with the robes for some tankiness. And btw, int or con spec best? (maybe depending on race - con grook/int human-hork?). Also, I've read that I need quick-witted for bashing but nimble for combat - so is not having nimble that much of a penalty in PvP? Will I lose a lot of 1v1 matches or be less useful in possible party combat like that? I don't want to rule combat out even if I intend to focus on bashing primarily (wish it were like sylvan/magi that use quick-witted anyway). :cry: 

From artifacts, I guess SoA, Diadem, Collar are essential, and pendant/bracelet/belt/ring would be nice for later on, right? If anyone can give me some directions so I don't make any mistakes I'll regret later on I will appreciate it a lot! If not, I'll go stubborn as a mule and stick with whatever I pick. :tongue: 

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  • Well, with diadem and quickwitted you get like 25% faster attacks, so in 12 sec you need to do 3 casts normally, now you do 4 (+33% damage). Add to that a ~23% more dmg that's like one more attack every 4 attacks (+30something% damage), so compared to nimble, con-specced race a quick-witted (diadem not needed for pvp), int-specced race deals ~60+something% more dmg every 12 seconds. And you get to sacrifice PvP for it... :scream: 

    Meh, I'll think about it a bot more. Just a final question I forgot earlier. How does city anchor factor into everything really? And how does that work exactly?
  • Anchors have no effect. Touching the city anchor was originally required before you could learn your skills, but that's been removed, so now it's just for RP, it doesn't actually do anything (unless there were further unannounced changes).
  • I asked this because I was reading the wiki and stumbled upon this:

    AstronomyThe power of the cosmos is yours.
    Known: No (1035 lessons required)
    Syntax: ASTRONOMY FOCUS <celestial body>
    Works on/against: Adventurers

    Each city maintains, within an astronomical laboratory, an orrery specifically designed to resonate with the alchemical energies and the celestial bodies which share this affinity. It is possible to focus this orrery upon one of these celestial bodies, and once three alchemists from your city have done so, you may empower any non-forestal citizen with its power. This focus will be reset every Sarapin, when Ethian's Crossing disrupts the energies across Sapience. The focusing must be done from the appropriate laboratory, and the empowering may be done from anywhere.

    The celestial bodies, the energy with which they resonate, and their empowered effects are:

    The sun - Gold - Increased health regeneration.

    The moon - Silver - Increased mana regeneration.

    The Nebula Coronae (nebula) - Copper - Increased endurance and willpower regeneration.

    Ethian - Tin - Increased damage versus denizens.

  • Astronomy doesn't have anything to do with the anchors. The metal associated with each celestial body is just flavour text, basically.
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    Oh, OK, I mixed up Anchor and Orrery! :tongue: 

    Still, does that bonus actually work and cities use them, or is it like the House Icons that seem to be nowhere (any Houses still have them)? :open_mouth: 
  • Every city has an orrery, and uses it. As for how quickly they tend to get it focused after the new year, I'm not sure. Ashtan and Hashan seem to be pretty good about it at least (usually within a few hours). I'm also not sure what tuning each city tends to use (Ashtan is almost always Sun).
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