Monk or Runewarden?

I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Can anyone just give me a pros/cons of each class?


  • Sure, from my opinion:
    {PVE} Average Bashing DPS at low to high (90) levels. Above Average DPS at 90+ due to 3 attacks (increasing critical strikes) (even with artefacts)
    {Both} Great Defense: Numb, Kai Heal, the whole Kaido tree, A little of the telepathy tree
    {PVP} Prep Class, can hit and run and continue until you get what you need
    {PVP} One of the best group classes, tons of skills
    {PVP} Different avenues of approach for different killing strategies
    {Both} Scales very well with artefacts
    {Both} Can use many different combinations of race specialisations and still be good

    {PVP} Being a prep class, since the limb damage formula change, it is one of the slowest prep classes in the game even with artefacts. ( Why I speculate most people quit monk and went something else) 
    {PVP} *** Lacks an instant kill ability like most other classes. Relies on pre damage before "killing" strat (enfeeble, double break, bbt x 3) dont get mad when they doesnt kill tanky people ... like almost all fighters have health artefacts now. It does have one 4 BBTS in a 30 seconds window but that is pretty close to impossible to get against anyone wish their salt.

    I am not a very good fighter. I spent around 10k of RL money for a lot of artefacts and I did get my share of kills. I died horribly to anyone who know what they were doing though. With the limb damage formula nerf/change I feel like monk went from pretty good place to terrible. What needs to change is a reliable instant kill. They tried to do it with AXK kick increasing damage depending on how many limbs were broke but the speed at which I can prep a limb to break is a joke especially with a 1600 credit artefact. BM, Sylvan, Knight can prep faster than you currently off the top of my head
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    If you're an indecisive person, Runewarden is the epitome of indecisiveness.
    Accepted in every faction. Four weaponmastery specs are different enough combat-wise to be considered four entire classes. Only costs 100 lessons to swap specs (same price as learning a weapon proficiency + comes -with- the proficiency you'll need)

    - Limb Counter - Fracture Relapsing -
    "Honestly, I just love that it counts limbs." - Mizik Corten
  • Isn't Runewarden also the most popular class in the game these days. Pretty close anyhow.
  • New stuff is always popular.
  • Pretty sure monk is also accepted in every faction.

    New Runewarden definitely offers more playstyle options though through the different specialisations, but I think a big question here is what would you rather roleplay as: a monk or a knight? Which idea sounds more exciting?

    Picking a class purely for its mechanics, particularly when relatively new, strikes me as a mistake.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Not that you need to roleplay a knight, necessarily, even if you play a knight class. 

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  • now that i can deflect arrows in flight and i use a silver bastard sword, i'm pretty much roleplaying a witcher
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