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Sylvan specific AB files (elementalism)

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can somebody throw me the AB files for  Barkskin, Eclipse, Rainstorm, Viridian, Vinewreathe, Heartseed?
Updating the wiki and all that

Edit: Welp, forgot to turn this into a question thing, oh well
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  • KyrraKyrra AustraliaMember Posts: 4,861 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Barkskin (Elementalism)                       Known: Yes
    Syntax:            CAST BARKSKIN
    Extra Information: Channels: Earth

    By coating your skin in protective bark, you'll increase your resistance to damage from physical 

    Eclipse (Elementalism)                        Known: Yes
    Syntax:            CAST ECLIPSE AT <adventurer>
    Extra Information: Channels: Air, Fire

    Calling upon the vast brilliance of sky-bound celestial bodies, you may overwhelm a target's senses. 
    Unless they are sufficiently restrained, your victim may evade the effects of the spell.

    Rainstorm (Elementalism)                      Known: Yes
    Syntax:            CAST RAINSTORM
    Extra Information: Channels: Water

    By calling up a temporary rainstorm, you can put out any fires that may burn on the ground or on 
    those around you.

    Viridian (Elementalism)                       Known: Yes
    Syntax:            CAST VIRIDIAN [STAFF]*
                       THORNREND <target> [<limb>]
                       LACERATE <target>
                       SECRETE SAP
                       ENVENOM ARMS WITH <venom>
    Extra Information: Channels: Earth, Water

    Meaning 'green' in an ancient language, a Viridian is a living, walking embodiment of the flora of 
    the land. Upon casting this spell, you will quickly transform into one as thorny vines cover your 
    body and burrow into your flesh. You will become stronger, able to endure more damage, and gain a 
    protective bonus to physical damage done to you however your movements will be slightly hampered. 
    You will also be able to THORNREND a target, doing great damage with your undulating, thorny vines. 
    As well, you will be able to LACERATE a target's throat, slashing vocal cords and causing great pain.
     HUMAN will allow you to change back into your normal form. Be aware that remaining in this form is 
    a constant drain on your willpower.

    If you have learned the TARGETING ability in Weaponry, you may optionally direct your thornrend at a 
    specific body part, causing additional damage to an arm, leg, or the head or torso of your opponent.

    If you have gained the ENVENOM ability in Weaponry then you may envenom your arms, which will 
    deliver a venom to your target when you thornrend. Otherwise, you may SECRETE SAP to coat your arms 
    in a single application of the Loki venom.

    * STAFF option may be added to allow transformation into the mighty Viridian in areas that are not 
    normally conducive to plant growth.

    Vinewreathe (Elementalism)                    Known: Yes
    Syntax:            VINEWREATHE <target>
    Calling upon Nature, you may call a mass of animated vines to hinder your target for a time, 
    preventing any attempts they make to parry your thornrends.

    Heartseed (Elementalism)                      Known: Yes
    Syntax:            CAST HEARTSEED AT <adventurer>
    Extra Information: Channels: Earth, Fire, Water

    Among the most dangerous and forbidden of a sylvan's spells, the Heartseed embodies Nature at its 
    most baneful. Draining your victim's vitality to speed its growth, the germination of a Heartseed 
    will rapidly end the life of he or she whom it is sent to plague.

    If your victim manages to avoid their fate and cure the heartseed, their body will be wracked by the 
    process, causing them significant damage for each injured limb they suffer from.
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