How far is too far? What is the max distance one can use teleportation abilities: alch/groves/magi

I found this the other day, thought it was a bit odd. Back in my day a grove gateway could go anywhere in the wilderness on Sapience. But I couldn't reason why Etherchannel wasn't working. So I had a Magi try and sonic portal, but to no avail.. hmm!

A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Hey, girl."

A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Are you an Apostate? ..because you just tore my heart out."

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  • Were you off-plane?
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  • wilderness stuff is limited by ambiguous "chunks" or "squares", at least that's my understanding of it.  Fighting in (or using, at all) the wilderness has never seemed very relevant, so never did in depth testing or mapping.

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    I assume you're referring to how, even in off-continent areas like islands or the northern end of the continent, the wilderness was still on-continent? If so, that was fixed as Ernam said, and now the wilderness respects the same limits as the areas it's meant to represent, so the wilderness around Ulangi is the same "area" as Ulangi for the purposes of "continent-wide" abilities like sonic portal.

    On the other hand, communication is a lot less limited. People who are on islands/Meropis/northern Sapience are all within range of tells and channels from the main continent.
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