Losing Tarot

So I heard a rumor that Jesters might be losing Tarot eventually. My first thought was "that's preposterous". 
But then I realized the most used skills were Hangedman and Aeon, followed by survivability like Hermit, Uni, and Priestess. Hangedman and Aeon can be replaced by Puppetry, conceivably (bind, slow).

So skipping the other necessary cards, I toyed with the idea of splitting Pranks into two skills: Pranks and Props. You would just have to add more stuff to each skill to compensate.

These are the abilities available in this skill
Handspring          Leap at your foes in neighboring rooms.
Slipperiness        Slip out of that which would bind you.
Bop                 Deliver a vicious blow with a blackjack.
Backflip            Flip over obstructions.
Hocuspocus          Cast coloured illusions to dazzle those about you.
Backhandspring      Leap out of the room striking someone on the way out.
Balancing           Maintain superior balance.
Juggling            The ancient art of juggling.
Acrobatics          Masterful footwork to make yourself a difficult target.
Badjoke             Strip defences with your terrible jokes alone.
Graffiti            Scrawl messages on walls.
Somersault          Quickly somersault past obstructions.
Arrowcatch          Pluck arrows from the air.
Suicidemice         Brainwash mice to carry bombs on their backs.
Jack-in-the-Box     An innocent musical toy with a vicious bite!
Jack-in-the-Box2     An innocent musical toy with a vicious bite!

These are the abilities available in this skill
Props               Wish for the props that every good jester needs.
Balloons            Take to the skies with balloons.
Giraffes            Twist a balloon into a giraffe.
Runaway             Make a swift retreat.
Concussionbomb      Momentarily stun everyone in the room.
Butterflybomb       Blast people from the skies and trees.
Balloonhandoff      Launch your foes to the clouds with a balloon.
Smokebomb           Choke all in the room with a plume of smoke.
Webbomb             Explode strands of webbing to bind everyone in the room.
Mickey              Slip someone a mickey.
Traps               The ability to search for traps in your location.
Disarm              Attempt to disarm a trap.
Bananas             Litter the floor with banana peels.
Firecracker         Construct festive firecrackers.
Itchpowder          Employ the irritating itchpowder.
Dustbomb            Numb the sense of your victims with a bomb.
Timers              Give your bombs a delayed effect.
Mousetrap           Painful nuisances for your foes.
Glue              Stick it to the man.
Mirrors             Glance around corners. (MIRROR GLANCE <dir> <dir2>)

The class seems to come out a little prop-heavy. But I also had a casual idea to spin-off JITB, where you change the prize at the end without them knowing. Starts the same way, with a winding box, but could finish with an explosion of darts or snakes or bees that give full lock affs: paralysis, asthma, anorexia, slickness, impatience, weariness, and voyria. Essentially still an instant kill but more indirect, gives the jester time to play with his food.

Also if balloonhandoff/butterflybomb ever becomes a combo again, glue could be used to prevent them dropping the balloon. But the recent balloon nerf went a step in the other direction on that one.
I like my steak like I like my Magic cards: mythic rare.


  • Nothing has been said on acc about jester yet so whoever started that rumor is making it up. 

  • Yeah the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Would be a considerable rework. The pranks ideas still stand. Mirror is relatively simple. Use it to squint in a direction from an adjacent room so you don't get sniped, that sort of thing.
    Mentioned glue before re: bombs being too easy to drop.
    Mousetraps would have nothing to do with mice but drop one (1 wood, 1 iron) to snap an enemy with some damage or something. Still think some form of trap would be a good addition. We can identify and disarm them, makes sense we could design some kind.
    I like my steak like I like my Magic cards: mythic rare.
  • Tecton said:
    Amarillys said:
    Are there plans for any other classes to get new skills, besides Shamans and those with trade skills?
    Just those classes for now!

  • Pretty sure it's just a rumour to scare all four of the Jesters in Achaea.

  • Half life 3 confirmed.
  • That is pretty preposterous.

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