Duel-wielding over traditional fighting tactics

MasarykMasaryk Sangre Plains
I've always been curious (though never have tested) about whether a tactic like transing weaponry, duel-wielding blades, and using the jaguar reflexes for delivering faster blows would work well compared to the traditional tactics that druids have used for pvp in the past. Has anyone looked into this before, or is this just some stupid pipe dream?


  • There wouldn't be much point in dual-wielding, as you can only use SLASH which hits with a single weapon (the one in your right hand)
  • You can't use two weapons at the same time unless you're a knight. You can wield two, but you can only slash or throw with one of them at a time. Aside from that though, there are uses for reflexed weapon attacks (throwing moreso than melee), I've seen a few druids do it. An actual druid combatant (or any kind of combatant, which I'm not) would need to give more details than that.
  • Your staff is going to be better served for the most part, but if you go through the trouble of prepping all four limbs, you can do some amazingly fun stuff with a fast rapier and a good flail, which is kind of sorta dual wielding.
    swing staff/clamp leg, jab arm, jab other arm, clamp leg/shatter leg.

    Do it all right and you'll have 2 broken arms and a mangled leg on your opponent.
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    And then you can laugh at them for a bit, and they will get up and continue as if nothing happened.


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  • MasarykMasaryk Sangre Plains
    Jovolo said:
    There wouldn't be much point in dual-wielding, as you can only use SLASH which hits with a single weapon (the one in your right hand)
    So perhaps reflexed single wield with and SoA in the other hand. Just trying to think outside the Druid box :)

  • I considered using my artie dirk in hydra for some strategies. Haven't tested the viability though.

  • RomRom
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    It's alright, mostly for breaking if you think you're accurate enough with limb damage. Can get really fast preps if you're jabbing a limb you're clamping. As far as locking goes Druid is just a bad Sentinel, but still pretty doable against tumble-happy limb prep classes (probably no rebounding).
    Untargeted reflexed jabs sticking prefarar alongside bees ain't too shabby either when you have Ignite on your side. B)
    ^ My 19 strength tfang jabs absolutely shred low armor targets, but are more or less out-regened by high cutting resist.
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