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    Naverre said:
    Using out of game mechanics to track down easy victims is about the same as using out of game mechanics to figure out a secret to an area (like how to leave it).

    Then give me a link to where I can find this info, which is what I originally was asking for.

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    Noak said:
    Nellaundra said:

    If you advertise your position, you kinda deserve it. And right now, I can go down to the underworld and use fullsense and see you. A lot of people have abilities that let them see everyone in the area, hell you can too - just eat some dolomite and type WHO B and you can see everyone without a gem. Just die, embrace, and learn from it and don't get shrubbed by breaking the rules.

    I have a gem of cloaking. The only way he knew I was here was from the forums.

    Gem of cloaking only hides you from the WHO lists. It does not (do correct me if I'm wrong, other experienced artie users) hide you from fullsense, scry, detect, mind sense, alertness, mindnet and several other activated abilities that locate a person's location(pardon the redundancy). 

    Noak said:

    Learn what, that asking a question on the forums can get me killed is legit?

    I'll bite once more:

    If you're going on forums to ask a question, it will be likely that you have taken your attention away from your character for a few seconds or a minute or two. When a ganker sees you(either through doing fullsense or even from just walking past you), you will not have time to respond, thus death. 

    Now, the only bits of advice I can give you is either to (1) QQ before you forums(this avoids the afk vulnerability part) and (2) Looking before leaping. Ask for advice from your fellow citizens(that probably includes me) before going off into an off-plane location.

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