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Targossian Academy Graduation question

Ayella Member Posts: 8 ✭✭ - Stalwart
edited August 2014 in The Scarlattan Theatre

I've asked a few people in game, but not totally understood what the Academy graduation ceremony-writing entails. Do I write out emotes and words for myself? Think of the symbolic meaning of the graduation and plan it in a meaningful way? I would feel as if I were walking on more stable ground if there were an example of what is expected, specifically for formatting and general overview purposes. Hum. This is specifically a question for the Targossians who staff the academy. If this is hush hush information, it would be fantastic if you could message me if you do have an answer. Many thanks! -Ayella



  • Siduri
    Siduri Member Posts: 1,617 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Not sure if someone replied to you privately. My -guess- would be a script stating which lines, tone changes and emotes you plan to do.

  • Anedhel
    Anedhel Member Posts: 2,367 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    I suspect that, since it's an IC thing, you should merely come up with the script. What flavour you plan to add through emotes and other people involved, you wouldn't write down- remember to try and not break character!

  • Havyn
    Havyn Member Posts: 30 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

    I will grab you next time we are both in game and show you some examples. Basically, it would be a ceremony that you would like the Dean to do for your graduation! You can write it in the form of a play if that helps. Each line telling what someone would do or say. Yourcan even make use of room illusions if you have them or know someone that does! Someone from the Academy will review it and advise if it needs more of this or less of that. Each of those final requirements are meant to tap into an aspect from each of the Houses.

    Posting from my phone, so pardon any errors or awkward words that auto correct felt the need to change for me!

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