• MasarykMasaryk Sangre Plains
    Trey said:
    Athelas said:

    I'll go for anything that allows me to get rid of the damn thing. Athelas got stuck with Lifegiver, without a clue on how that happened. The only message I got, was that it chose to serve me for now. I ended up handing Athelas to Vicious just so I could go back to playing, rather than sitting around waiting for someone to attack. Seriously, who ever thought not being able to give relics away was a good idea, needs to think again! There are many of us, that simply do not care for having open-PK forced on us.

    Or, at the very least, make it so that you can't quietly get a relic. When you get one, all sorts of lights need to go off so that you know you have one and need to run!!

    RELIC YIELD <whatever>

    You can't give it to another player, but then you don't have the relic and are no longer open-PK. Nothing is being forced on you except a maximum of 23 keystrokes. 

    In @Athelas‌' defense, when he randomly received Lifegiver that month, they had not implemented the RELIC YIELD command yet, so he HAD a legitimate point. Obviously with the new addition of that command, this is no longer relevant. 

  • MasarykMasaryk Sangre Plains
    Aktillum said:
    I'd agree with relics dropping from inventory on QQ and resetting to a random location in the world if they're brought onto a ship.

    Also, like how infamy decays faster if you're standing outside your city, relics should reset faster if you're standing inside your city.

    Love this idea by the way.

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