I would like Disloyalty to affect Angels and Baalzadeens. Specifically, stopping the passive abilities; mainly that of Spiritwrack, and Demon Syphon, etc.

Not 100% familiar with Angel/Baalzadeen abilities, feel free to criticize or add on. I am of the opinion that it would be a cool counter, and could even be expanded to stop Angel/Baalzadeen commands like Sap, Cath/Absolve, though that may be taking it much too far.

Also not sure if this is really the right section for this sort of discussion, but my mouse is already hovered over the Post Discussion button, srry.

And uh...if this is somehow already the case, which I am pretty sure it is not, then just nuke this thread pls.


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    Something like this could be interesting if there were no balance cost to put them back up.

    I'd want to see no EQ on abilities and a very minor, if any, cost on initial use if something like this were implemented.

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  • I find it a bit hard to put into play on passive abilities.

    Disloyalty stops you from issuing commands to your entities, or changes their target to you after their given attack/effect. Only after that do you have to go through the effort of retargeting your ents, if you just cure disloyalty instantly it does nothing. 

    So with how disloyalty works with the current ents, how would you have it work with passive abilities? Does the passive ability fail and disappear only if you have disloyalty during the randomized effect hits? or does it turn off the skill if you just have it.

    Expand what you want, right now it's pretty vague.

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  • Could make it so it just pauses their effects while you have disloyalty instead of canceling them all.

    A Priest having to put up spiritwrack, empathy, heal, etc. every time they were disloyal would just be too much.

  • What Cooper said would be fine, my initial wording was poor; just simply halting the ability (until disloyalty cured) instead of cancelling it completely outright would be fine imo.

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    class necklace of purity as an entity and become subject to this idea too!

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    How would this work if disloyalty is smoke cured?

  • I'd assume everything would go back to ticking like normal.

    I honestly don't see this being too useful except in a few very niche strategies, but at least it would be another way to prevent passive healing on an Apostate or Priest.

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    I would prefer a general rework of smoking afflictions in general, and how they're cured. Which I imagine is somewhat of the reason why we got smoking balance in a while ago.

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    Great Idea for Apostates, Terrible idea for Priests.. since they can just instant heal the disloyalty.

    But other wise I agree with Hasar, Priests defensive abilities are to damn good with seemingly no counter, to them.

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