Elite Membership.. is it worth it for only two months?

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So I got 50 dollars in one of those prepaid cards, wondering is it worth only subscribe for two months?


  • Depends. 50 bucks for 205cr is a good deal, plus the lessons. It's when you have it going continuously that it really shines though.

  • you would save about 20 dollars on 200 credits doing it this way, but it would take 2 months longer.. But the lessons and experience might be nice, but Trey is correct when he says the stacking is where it really shines.

  • If you can't afford to spare 25 bucks a month, you probably shouldn't spend that 50 on a video game. 

  • If you can't afford to spare 25 bucks a month, you probably shouldn't spend that 50 on a video game. 

    Depends on what you mean by "can't afford." If you can't afford it because you have no income, but also have no expenses (eg still live with your parents), then the $50 is still functionally disposable income!

    But you could get like ten steam games on that if you're okay with either waiting for steam sales or getting indie games. Humble bundle could easily get you like fifty games on that budget. You could go see some movies, or get a few months of Netflix to gorge yourself on movies. You could buy some books, comic or literature. You could track down an artist to do some commissions. I dunno how much musicians tend to charge for commissions, but that might be an option too (man, that'd be cool, now I want to do that...)

    So the answer is: if you've already committed the money to Achaea, and more specifically to your character's growth within Achaea (since it gives bound credits?) rather than artsy or scriptsy things, then it probably is the most efficient route (unless you haven't bought lessons yet).

  • Yes. The Elite Membership shines after you stack all the aggregated bonuses. However, if min/maxing is in your favor start trying it.

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  • A comparison of your options for $50:

    2 months of Iron Elite will get you 300 lessons per character (assuming you log in every day) and 205 bound credits. Plus a 5% experience bonus for the first month and 10% for the second month. You'll have to wait a month to get the second half of your credits though, and the full two months to get all of the lessons.

    Buying credits directly, you can get 100 unbound credits for $40, which is far worse than the membership unless you really need unbound credits for something (to sell for gold, for example).

    If you do want unbound credits, you could also do the membership for 1 month and then buy 50 credits for $20 (actually 55 credits, since the membership gives a 10% bonus), giving you 100 bound and 55 unbound for $45, plus the lessons and experience bonus.

    If you haven't bought the no-brainer lesson packages yet, that would be 2000 lessons for $20, the equivalent of 333 credits at 6 lessons per credit. That also leaves you enough for 1 month of Iron Elite. If you haven't bought the lessons, I think this is definitely the best choice.

    Or if you don't mind taking a risk, you could buy 10 globes for $48, which could potentially get you a lot more than any of the other options. But then you could also get practically nothing.

  • @Sena you are min/maxing incarnate!

    Light prevails, always
  • Alright thanks guys for the help, thank you @Sena too I def. will get the no brainer packages. might buy some globes too

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