Vegas - July 17th - 21st

Being saddled with some vacation time a co-worker and I are hitting Vegas from the 17th-21st of July. The lovely @Ainia will be there and it appears we're all staying at the Excalibur.

All are invited and welcome. Locals or people who like that quick trip to Vegas and want to party with some nerds, please come spend time with us. It'll be good stuff.


  • Two months later: I live in Las Vegas, if this is all still happening let me know and work permitting, I'll come say hello! I love meeting other IRE people!

  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    I might be in Vegas during this time as well.  Time to get back to 15% body fat for the pool party season.

  • I'll be there for sure. I arrive on the 17th, a few of my coworkers are arriving on the 18th, they leave the 20th and I'll leave the 21st. 

    PM me if you get this confirmed, I'll give you my contact info and we can text to meet up. 

  • Are you going for WSOP?

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  • Prythe said:

    Are you going for WSOP?

    No, it has been mentioned that there is some event going on the week before, but not that specific weekend. It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I don't really know how to play poker other than a basic knowledge. 

  • Don't feel bad about that, I grew up in Las Vegas and...don't really know how to play poker.

  • Will be there 2 weeks later :/

    Defcon anyone?

                   Party right, party hard,

                                            Sing and dance, perfect bard.

                                                                     Prefarar loop, accentato whore,

                                                                                             Buy a new rapier, get nerfed some more.

  • I'll be in Vegas starting in about 4 hours if anyone wants to meet up on the strip sometime! 

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