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setMapZoom Command

FaaronFaaron Member Posts: 8
edited May 2014 in Tech Support

I am using mudlet and have a map script embedded in my client. I need to set the zoom level as I do not have a scroll mouse.  I don't know where to place the following in my script:


No matter where I place it I get a BUG error.  The following is the embed script I am using:

mapper = Geyser.Mapper:new({
name = "mapper",
x = "69%", y = "49%", -- edit here if you want to move it
width = "30%", height = "50%",

Thank you for any suggestions.


  • FaaronFaaron Member Posts: 8

    In Mudlet-mapper, New Script, type setMapZoom(15).

    Save Item.  Done!

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