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Multiline and Parent/Child triggers [Mudlet]

KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the StormMember Posts: 3,011 @@ - Legendary Achaean
I am using serverside curing, but it doesn't give a warning when you run out of an elixir, salve, etc, it just stops trying to use it. So I don't keep running out when I've just arrived on an island, I'm trying to build a tracker. I have built four of five separate multiline triggers to track renewal, and they all work perfectly.

First, an example of one of the multiline triggers that works:
As can be seen from the image, it calls a function, usedRenewal()
function usedRenewal()
renewalCount = renewalCount - 1
if renewalCount < elixThreshold then
otgEchoN("<red>"..renewalCount.."<gainsboro> applications of RENEWAL remain, time to refill!")
All works tickety boo but... there's a lot of duplication in the tiggers, so I'm trying to rationalise them using a combination of multiline and parent/child triggers.

It works to this point, I have had an echo in there to test

As you may have guessed, it doesn't work at this point.

Help please  :'(

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