So my four year contract in Japan just ended, and I decided to move here for another few more years.  Thus, I was wondering, does anyone else live here, or nearby?

So far, I know of only two people living in Japan, and one of them is in Okinawa, but I know there are some other people around.

Right now I live in Yokohama, and will be staying in Kanagawa (Tokyo/Yokohama) after I find a new place.  Maybe we could do a Tokyo bar night / meet?


  • Why didn't you pay attention when three of us were there? for shame. Now we're gone.
    Replies the scorpion: "It's my nature..."
  • For shame indeed. I was probably still in my 3 year break from Achaea.
  • YverdaerYverdaer North Carolina, USA
    I'm moving to Japan this summer, so I will! :] But I still don't know where I'll be yet.
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