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Funny Convos

MaefengMaefeng Member Posts: 43 ✭✭ - Stalwart
edited March 2014 in North of Thera

- 2014/03/09 17:26:09 - Maefeng says, "Complete your 'Marvelous Wardrobe by Maefeng' talisman set at the House of Wares, Ashtan! 2S from Central Market!"

Anonymous tells you, "Can I just get the "Maefeng" talisman set, instead?”

You tell Anonymous, “Ha!”

Anonymous tells you, "I wonder what makes up that set.”

You tell Anoymous, “The world may never know.”

Anonymous tells you, "But...”

Anonymous tells you, "I want!”

Anonymous tells you, "I've got it. Head, torso, left and right limbs! I bet it'll be expensive though..."



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