[HTML5] Potash / Moss Eater Script and some Questions

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reverse engineering the Autosipper script from IRE and made it work for potash and irid moss instead of health and mana potions.

I've set the default autoeat at 50% percent because potash and moss don't seem to heal a lot and are expensive. 

Anyway just go to this address, download the .js file and drop it into your reflex package area. Hopefully it'll work!

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110461419/Reflex Package Autoeater 2014-2-28 (1).js

I know nothing about scripting in Javascript or Regular Expression or whatever but am currently bound to using my tablet to play the game. Am I right in assuming that I could use the same scripting for the Autosipper to set up an autocuring system? By creating a herbalbalance variable, an "afflicted" variable, and then making the afflicted variable cycle through a priority list what would set certain afflictions to ring "true"? Am I overly complicating things? This seams like a large project. It works in my head but I would just like some input from people who know what they are doing.


  • That's the basic idea behind most systems. Keep track of your balances, keep track of what afflictions you have, cure them in order from highest to lowest priority as quickly as balances allow.

    You'd also need other balances for salves, focus (when you get it if you haven't already), physical balance and equilibrium, likely tree tattoo, etc. Then you need to take into account afflictions that prevent actions (such as paralysis preventing standing up, asthma preventing smoking, anorexia preventing eating, etc.). You'll also want to take into account commands potentially failing due to stupidity, stun, etc. After all of that, you need to start trying to identify illusions against classes that can use them. Then, finally, delaying your curing inside of aeon/retardation (if you don't know how those work, don't worry about it yet).

    Does that sound like a lot of work? It is, but it can also be a lot of fun (if you like learning new things and writing code). Building your own system is also a great way to learn about how everything works because you absolutely have to know those things to build a system that works.
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