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Forgive me as I am fairly new to all this coding. My main question is what would I need to do if I wanted to make script for say shrivel or evileye or other skills that require more then a simple syntex. I have already got a targeting system what I am asking is say I targeted a rat with "t rat" and all I had to do was press say "ctrl a" to attack? How would I create something where I could target lets say again the rat and all I had to do was press "ctrl e" to use the evileye skill fear? Im not sure if this is confusing as I am new, but if anyone could of be of assistance it would be more than appreciated!


  • Every time I try to create an alias I test it out and I get this response "You do not know any evileye power by that name." I'm not sure what's going on.
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    What is the syntax to do your attack in the AB file?

    Also, what client are you using?
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