[Mudlet] Monk Limb Counter Request

I'm using Mudlet and SVO but I feel that SVO's monk limb counter isn't too convenient.

Just looking for a decent limb counter tailored to monks. Unsuccessfully looked over the forums to see if one was distributed, and didn't find any, but I'm sorry if I somehow overlooked it. Also willing to pay credits.

But gosh darn it, if there do exist some people who just can't handle the uniqueness of your snowflake...
- Mathonwy


  • Bumping this because I have also searched to no avail. I found some really old zmud stuff, but that was about it. I might try to adapt what I found into something for Mudlet but I really have no idea what I'm doing and it is altogether likely that I will fail miserably  B-)
  • I'd be interested to know what about the Svo one you don't like - I'm up for improvements and I don't play a monk.
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