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Alright so I have a bit of a conundrum that I'd like opinions on! First off, a pict of my GUI.


Yes the picture outdated (likely seen it before), but the general layout is the same.

What I'm having issues with is that left center box with the Who, Items, Sips, Rites, Cure, Mobs, Defs and Skills tabs. Put simply I need ideas for a better use of the tabs. Rites didn't apply to my 'main' before, and now doesn't apply to Tessa either. Defs is a bit redundant since I have a mode-based layout where when I enable the hunting mode of the GUI, defenses are listed in the top left box. So they aren't needed in this more general reporter window. Skills just doesn't seem all that useful since AB does the exact same thing, and does it a bit better (due to the formatting and the fact that it has room for a progress bar).

For clarification, here are what the current tabs do!
Who - Who's in the room with you.
Items - Items in the room
Sips - A vial and potion tracker
Rites - What rites are in the room (outdated and the only thing that doesn't actively update)
Cure - A rift tracker.
Mobs - What entities are in the room
Defs - What defenses you currently have
Skills - A list of your skills and current level in each (I.E. adept, Skilled, Transcendent)

So, ideas?


  • A bashing stat tracker : Something that tracks how many crits you are getting, how many hits delivered, the amount of gold gathered in a trip of the average p/h etc etc.

    Affliction tracker : Just cause.

  • To-do list.

    Matrix gif.
    Current scripts: GoldTracker 1.2, mData 1.1
    Latest update: 9/26/2015 better character name handling in GoldTracker, separation of script and settings, addition of gold report and gold distribute aliases.
  • What class are you? For example, if you're a Magi, a vibes tracker would be cool with the decay rates tracked properly so you could focus/ring. There are lots of class-specific things that are great like that.

     i'm a rebel

  • Very clean UI. Well done.
  • Love that GUI, Tessa. 
  • Sorry for the delay. Could have sworn I responded two days ago. Guess my browser ate it. <.<

    @Tahquil There will be an affliction tracker in the modular box above this one when it's swapped to combat or (likely also in) hunting modes. So that's not needed in this particular window. I do like the idea of a bashing stat tracker though. Would make bashing a little more interesting.

    @Trevize I fear a to-do list of mine wouldn't fit in that small of a screen space! A notepad -is- an interesting idea and doable. Would be something like the wax writing tablets I suppose.

    @Tesha Currently Tessa is a Runewarden (previously Priest, hence the Rites tab). However my other character is a Monk, and I do plan on releasing this GUI at some point. I -could- code a tab to be class specific, but I like the idea of making the GUI sort of uni-class.

    @Akaya and @Zincor Thanks. Posted it up before and it's come a good ways since this SS was taken. Hopefully within the coming months I'll have a finished version up!

    So, bashing stats, a notepad, and someone recommended a GUI clock elsewhere. I like the idea of bashing stats, so I'll probably replace the Rites tab with that. Notepad sounds like a fun interactive idea so I'll replace the Skills tab with that. Not sure on a clock, so the Defenses tab is still open for ideas. Thanks to those who have responded so far. These are some nice ideas.
  • I wrote an Achaean clock awhile back based on gmcp info. Included the moon phases, current time, achaean time, month/day/year. The neat part was that the moon and sun rotated in circles so you could easily assess the time of day. The algorithm I used for it can be found here:

    And like @Tahquil mentioned, a bash display. Created one of these as well, you can probably tear it apart to your own needs. Includes total kills, exp per kill, total exp and duration:

    If you're a deepsea fisherman, a fishing UI is always nice. Again, one of these here:

    I have a lot of ideas of how affliction/defense trackers can function. There's quite a few on that forum topic I linked to. Feel free to browse through and brainstorm.
  • @Akaya sorry for the sillyness of this question, but is that Vyzor that you use something I need to import to my profile in Mudlet to make your UI's work?  I'm a total programming newb.  
  • @Akaya Ah! Thanks for that. Will definitely have a look.
  • @Zincor Yes. Vyzor needs to be installed for anything found here:

    There's a lot of stuff I made with Geyser out there too. But that link in particular is 90% Vyzor.
  • Thanks!
  • ShadracShadrac Denton, TX
    @Tessa Absolutely amazing.

    I have no real UI now other than a limbcounter and the map placed in the top-right.  

    Out of all the UIs I have seen I cannot wait to try this one out and poke around in the code.

    Keep up the fantastic work.
  • AlexandreAlexandre Raleigh, North Carolina
    Honestly, I'd have to echo the comments of everyone else and say how much I like this GUI.  It has everything you need, but in a really organized and neat fashion.
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