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NEW PLAYER! Question about character creation.

AlesondriaAlesondria Cleveland OhioMember Posts: 5
Hello and warm greetings hundreds of my new friends!

   I just discovered Arcaea and joined the game yesterday morning. Coming from a background that enjoys a 3D ORPG for years I have had time to hone my RP skills on the keyboard and became almost instantly curious about this game. Followed after by mild excitement. I do have 0 experience with MUD gaming, however. The thousands of commands you all find so easy to know and use will take this slow typer a bit of long hard practice! But I am having a lot of fun asking questions, learning, chatting in tells with kind folks, and slowly walking about the road reading the descriptions of what is around me. I think I can actually get into this kind of free form open sandbox RPG!
  But I suppose you came to read my question, hmmm? Well simply but I know this is a hardcore lore centered role-playing community. I tried to investigate on my own but there is seriously so much to read (manual and lore-wise) my head is starting to hurt. Races and Classes. From a generalized and stereotypical standpoint of in-character RP how are they described; treated; what is their demeanor; professional motives. I was also looking for what skills each class has and a bit about them. If you guys might be willing to help out a new player with your own words and ideas as well as links to the 'rule book' I would be very happy.
  I made a Siren druidess because i enjoy druids in D&D, which is my measuring branch, but found out they may not be what kind of character I will wanna play both mechanically and role-play wise. I was under the assumption they were casters as well as shifters. Think I read somewhere I can change my race if I die and my class. If not I can always start again. I'd just like to get a 'feel' for the classes and races before I commit totally. Guess I had my little test run and passed it. Looking forward to being a small part of the community.


P.S. I almost didn't pass the test because of how 'un-like my thinking' the script game commands are. I will no doubt be a total novice for a year or more, so if you meet me IC have mercy.
P.P.S. Edited spelling to make me not look like the poor speller I am!
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  • SantarSantar Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 2,482 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Can't tell if trolling or not, but you have earned my LOL.

    Welcome to Arcaea.
  • DarktalonDarktalon Member Posts: 200 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Race matters little. There are clans who allow only certain races, but overall other players don't ever make an issue of it.

    Siren's do have a negative stereotype as they seem to be the go-to race for people looking to get dirty with each other. In no way are all Siren that way, but that is about the only prejudice I can think of a race having to over come.

    Sylvans might better fit your desire, the help files on the website has a run down of every class and their skills. achaea.com/game/helpview . Yeah, I know, more reading, but if you look specifically for that they are fairly brief. It is under section 8 of the list there.

    You can delete your character up to level 30 (I think, never looked into it) or a certain amount of playtime. So if you just want to restart, that might be easier for you.

    Class and city affiliation are much more defining than your race will be. Then any Order you might join. You don't have to ever join an Order if you don't want. You can also change the other affiliations, but people do tend to remember and will react to you in an (fairly) appropriate RP manner based on where you came from and where you went.
  • JakiroJakiro Member Posts: 151 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
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    I've always wondered why Druids (and Sentinels) don't just morph into the animal. I think I've been told this was the case before, but then it got changed to the spirit posession thing and I never got to figuring out why the change was necessary. Does anyone know?


    Oh and welcome to Achaea, Alesondria! The Druids are a great bunch of people, I was part of that house before. If you're still part of that house and class, you should give it another chance. Like Sena said, the casting they do isn't the normal casting you might have been used to (the Sylvan and Mage class are though!) but they do have some spells up their sleeves. The Druids is more of Nature magic, I guess, and most of it comes from controlling their groves to do stuff.
  • SenaSena Member Posts: 3,957 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    Jakiro said:
    I've always wondered why Druids (and Sentinels) don't just morph into the animal. I think I've been told this was the case before, but then it got changed to the spirit posession thing and I never got to figuring out why the change was necessary. Does anyone know?
    Maybe it's easier than explaining how a gopher or eagle are using the same armour, weapons, clothes, etc. as a human, or why an elephant is no stronger or harder to move than a human. And definitely easier than actually changing and balancing what the different forms can and can't do.
  • AlesondriaAlesondria Cleveland OhioMember Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Santar, no I was not 'trolling.' Just saying hello, giving a little info, and asking my question. Thanks for the funny bone mark any rate.
    Sena thank you for the links. Those were pretty much what I was hoping to find.
    Jakiro thanks for the big welcome, as I am glad to be here.

    I would still enjoy reading about how the classes are viewed generally - not just the druid profession. What classes don't like one another and what roles if any the classes play in Arcaean society professionally. I was told they have a big impact on things so would enjoy reading about the rawest views before I role-play. Of course everyone is different and a class/ profession isn't a sole defining conduct to one's personality (I've met some unscrupulous clergy RL for example) but being so new and lost in all this new lore isn't so fun. I'd like some kind of life-preserver to anchor my OOC and IC views to slightly.

    I will pick up as I go and RP my lack of common understanding somehow creatively. But a foundation does help since I plan to build a home in Arcaea; literally and metaphorically.


    P.S. I suppose I will stay my race current but its wonderful to know that little extra bit of lore. I feel as though the race link on the main page does not say enough about each's history. While a sample is sufficient for getting started I really wanted a bigger meal to digest.
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  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,622 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Just to tack on what everyone is saying and address the mountains of canon that's been built into the games over the years that might seem a little overwhelming : Don't worry about it.

    But when I say don't worry about it I don't mean dismiss everything you have read and be a mega-robo-mhun and blast things with your laserbeams. I mean your lack of knowledge could be one of you greatest tools for initiating RP. Don't know the origins of humanity? Ask your House or citymates, then go out and ask other people. Everyone will have a certain slant on it. Curious about a certain deity? Ask around, they people in game will have more knowledge about them than any helpfile. Over time your knowledge will gradually grow organically instead of trying to jam it all into your head at once. 

    Afraid you might look stupid newb? Never. Sometimes it's hard to translate "help I'm totally new to this game and I don't know much" into IG terms but if you say something along the lines of  "my memories aren't fully intact after being reborn" and most people will get the hint. If you're not sure of a syntax you can send whoever your with a tell or message for help.( (Here people usually use '//' to indicate that the information is OOC in nature. example TELL TAHQUIL //What's the command to open doors?. But some people use double brackets like this entire statement is in and some people just preface it with OOC: ))
  • HhaosHhaos Cortland, OhioMember Posts: 301 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Sorry, doesn't answer your question but first player from with 40 miles of me I didn't introduce, squeeeeeeee!!!
  • SenaSena Member Posts: 3,957 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Not sure if anyone has explicitly pointed it out yet, but the name of the game is Achaea, not Arcaea.
  • MathonwyMathonwy Member Posts: 963 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    What all of these other fine people said. I guess I'd add that it's best to keep an open mind about terms like Good/Evil/Chaos/Nature and what they mean in the context of Achaea. It'll probably save you a headache later on down the road.

    As for things like the Mythos/the game's history/etc... it can be a lot easier to get a handle on the game by kind of getting a handle on the game's history and lore as it surrounds the City/House/Class that you've chosen and sort of branch out from there. Otherwise, there's just a sea of names and obscure motivations and dry wars and you don't really have any points of reference and the whole endeavor can just seem oppressively dull.

    Also, it's generally kinda easy to spot the true newbies from the alts (well, at least I'm inclined to think so) and most people go easier on the former, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just ask questions and try to have fun!
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    heh. Mathowned.
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  • AlesondriaAlesondria Cleveland OhioMember Posts: 5
    A big thanks to all who have taken the time to post here.

    Hhaos a random google blog sent me to *Achaea (thank you Sena) main sight.But glad it brings you joy, neighbor!
    Mathonwy yes. Alignment, or good vs evil, is fun to use but should always be gray. The best villains are splashed with the deeds of a hero to some.

    In light of that I have thought about my base character in conjunction with what the abilities do. While the occultist sounds fun I don't wish to play tormented or insanity. Sylvan sounded equally good save for the Grove ability... I just can't seem to hold a conceptual grasp to those two forces. But I have come up with a loose morality, demeanor, and idealization of the very basics for my character. Looking at that and what I would enjoy along with what would fit the character I'll be switching my class to a Runewarden.

    I plan on completing the tutorial as a druid then seeking out someone to RP train me in the class. For those interested I'll likely post a loose -something- IC on the threads about her. Might even try to do it like a journal kinda. Anywho, I do hope this thread will find its way into the screen of other newbies with similar questions.

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