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Navigate help menu idea

AlesondriaAlesondria Cleveland OhioMember Posts: 5
Just an observation from a newbie. No idea if its been suggested but didn't see it on a quick browse. Also no idea how easy or difficult it would be to script since I am not a scripter in any way shape or form. But simply making the arrow left and right keys operate as a forward/ backward if we had opened a help window and clicked a few pages. Just like an internet browser to go back a page or two then forward again if needed too without closing the window and manually going back to the initial topic.

I'm guessing if it could have been done it would have been added in the past 12+ years... but hey. Never know! It would be a great help to new players and total newbies if it were added though.
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  • NellaundraNellaundra Member Posts: 1,556 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    The client is actually fairly new (most of us use our own connectors, like Mudlet or ZMud) so no, it hasn't been suggested.  Generally though, just keys aren't really used because people tend to want every button free for their own purposes (I have a button that hits someone a particular way, others use it to put venoms on their weapons, etc.)
  • AlesondriaAlesondria Cleveland OhioMember Posts: 5
    Well they could put a little arrow on each side too. The top right side has right arrow that would move forward (if you moved back once or more) and the top left side could have a left arrow that went back 1 page. Reading up on a topic I wanted to click on so many little links to investigate everything. But quickly got annoyed with having to manually navigate to the same spot.

    However they would wanna do it. Bind keys, add arrows, use chat command HELP BACK/ FORWARD would even be easier or something. But whatever, just an idea I had.
    [Unofficial] Rule of Acquisition #286: "When Morn leaves, it's all over."
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